Hunt Saboteur hospitalised

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A hunt saboteur has been rushed to hospital after being ridden down by a member of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Fox Hunt during an evening cub hunting meet at the hunt kennels in Charlton Horethorne, somerset.

Two hunt saboteurs were standing on a public road watching the hunt in a field when the attacker rode at them from behind, throwing the female saboteur up in the air with the force of the blow before she was dragged along the ground. An ambulance was immediately called but was stopped from reaching the casualty by hunt vehicles who deliberately blocked the road. An air ambulance also attended the scene. The female has been taken to hospital with a possible collapsed lung and back injury. The hunt then callously carried on hunting before returning to their kennels for a BBQ.

The attack was filmed by a vehicle mounted camera and this footage will be handed over to the police so that the cowardly attacker can be identified and arrested.

Cub hunting or “cubbing” takes place before the official hunting season when the hunts train young hounds to kill by setting them on naïve fox cubs who are easy quarry. Any of the young hounds who don’t show an inclination to hunt are killed by the hunts. Cubbing has been illegal since 2005 but is till common practice by most hunts.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale have a long history of violence towards hunt saboteurs but this is a particularly cowardly attack even by their standards. Cubbing is a vital time of the hunting season for the hunts as they are training young hounds to kill. Disruption by hunt saboteurs can affect their whole season which is why they often react with violence at this time of year.”

Wolves and man

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Fueled by politics and hatred, Idaho is pushing ahead with its wolf-killing plan.

Just this month, Idaho’s Governor, a fanatical wolf-hater, appointed members to his wolf death panel. Its job: to spend hundreds of thousands dollars for the sole purpose of slaughtering a majority of the state’s wolves.

With your help, we will do all we can to stop the madness – please rush your emergency donation to Defenders’ wolf defense efforts today!

It’s called the “Wolf Control Board,” a committee made up of ranchers, hunters and political appointees. They will decide how to spend $400,000 a year on aerial gunning, trapping, and snaring as many wolves as possible. The general public, wildlife conservation community and even tribal representatives have no representation whatsoever.

Here’s what Governor Otter had to say in announcing members of the wolf death panel:

“It’s up to us to address damage to our livestock herds and native wildlife while maintaining State control over this species that was foisted upon Idaho by the federal government.”

So far, 1,457 Idaho wolves have died since 2009.

Wolves are Counting on You

Defenders of Wildlife was instrumental in the historic re-introduction of wolves in Idaho nearly 20 years ago;

We’re the only national organization with staff in Idaho who helped reintroduce wolves and who continue to work for wolves at the state capitol, state wildlife agency, and with local communities;

With your invaluable help, we remain the most steadfast pro-wolf voice in the region.
There are signs that our efforts are making a difference in the state. Idahoans are speaking out – even the hunting community is starting to come out against this brutal plan.


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When the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed in April last year, 1,129 workers died and 2,515 were injured. [1]

Huge British retailer Matalan made some of its clothing in Rana Plaza. And they haven’t paid a single penny of official compensation to the survivors and the families of those who died. [2]

The deadline for the first raft of payments to go out is Thursday. If Matalan don’t pay, some of the survivors won’t get the money they need.

Matalan care about their image. The last thing they want is to be embarrassed publicly over their refusal to pay. So let’s do just that. Can you tweet Matalan now asking why they haven’t paid their fair share?

The chicken industry

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The Guardian released a large-scale investigation into infected chicken meat this week, with Viva!’s help
The investigation found that 2/3 of chicken meat is contaminated by campylobacter bacteria – one of the leading causes of food poisoning, round 280,000 people per year in the UK are made ill by it, with an estimated death toll of 100 people annually. Dirty machinery, gut flooded floors and flouted processing regulations are just some of the problems.

Read the whole investigation and watch the full report. In response to the Guardian’s investigation, health secretary Jeremy Hunt demands urgent inspections of chicken factories.

And this is to say nothing of the horror and meaningless of the slaughter itself. Nearly 900 million chickens are killed for food every year in the UK alone – a staggering number.

Juliet Gellatley, our founder and director, has written an excellent blog post on the issue – Feel like Chicken Tonight?. It’s well worth reading.

Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager, pointed out in another Guardian article – Britain’s increasing taste for white meat is a disaster for animals and for us – that this investigation is the thin end of the wedge when it comes to chicken meat and human health.

Go Vegan

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Many consumers don’t know that numerous products — from shaving cream to mascara — are tested on animals first. Thousands of animals including rabbits, mice and guinea pigs are subjected to torture by cosmetic companies each year. What’s even worse is that this is completely avoidable.

Animal product testing is outdated — thousands of companies have adopted cruelty-free practices! As consumers, we can have a huge impact on the industry by simply refusing to purchase products that were tested on animals and encouraging companies to be cruelty-free.

The referendum: Remember animals

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The Scottish Government has published it’s vision for Scotland after a vote for independence in September. The “Scottish Independence Bill: A consultation on an interim constitution for Scotland.” release comes after a white paper on policy should Scottish residents choose to leave the UK.

Both are conspicuous in their absence of any mention of the rights of animals or their welfare.

The white paper “Scotland’s Future – Your Guide to an Independent Scotland.” in particular highlights government plans to base a large part of our country’s economy on the farming and slaughter of animals.

Ministers are asking for our views on their proposals. Please speak up for those who don’t have a voice.

No matter what the referendum result from the 19th September we want change. Scotland’s welfare legislation and the back pocket relationship between politicians and the animal abuse industry is a national embarrassment.

We Scots and the animals suffering all across our nation deserve better.

Please speak out. Let them know that we won’t tolerate the present situation any longer.

We want mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses.

We want farmed animals to have as natural a life as physically possible.

We want long sentences for animal cruelty.

We want legislation completely overhauled to protect animals kept as pets.

We want to see punishment applied to those who poison our nation’s wildlife and destroy their habitats.

We want recognition of the rights and welfare of animals formally written into our constitutional and legal future.

If you live anywhere in the UK please contact First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy FM Nicola Sturgeon and let them know we’re in charge, not their friends in the cruelty business.

If you’re an ex-pat or of Scottish descent anywhere in the world we also urge you to make your views known.

Vegan Magazine Finally hits Uk! #veganlife

August 30, 2014 2 comments

Originally posted on journey2change:

Thank you! Packed loads with ideas, stories, recipes, events and debates: it’s a great read!

For the launch it Comes free with omyoga magazine. I couldn’t find it at Asda but did find it at Sainsburys.

Do you have a vegan magazine in your country? If no… Why not? Could you start one?

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