Coal and the power companies

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Big energy companies like EON and EDF are deciding right now whether to spend millions to keep ancient coal power stations open in the UK.

If they get their way, we’ll still be burning coal for decades to come — a disaster for the climate and the air we breathe.

But already, UK political support for coal is on shaky ground. Just last week the Lib Dems announced they want to see “an end to dirty coal power stations” over the next 10 years.

Now we need to show Cameron and Miliband it’s time they took a stand too. Sign the petition to get them on record saying there’s no future for dirty coal.

Coal power is under pressure from all sides. New EU laws could soon force some of the worst-polluting power stations to close down completely. And with UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon hosting a global climate summit in New York this month, political leaders will be keen to show what they’re doing to protect the planet.

Now’s the moment for them to reveal their plans for coal. If they come out and say they won’t support it, that could pull the plug on this deadly energy source in a matter of years, not decades.

The UK’s energy future is at a crossroads: do we choose glorious, green renewables; or climate-wrecking fossil fuels? It’s not enough to beat fracking, we need to turn off dirty coal too.

We’re working together to protect our world, from the shimmering Arctic to the life-giving rainforest, to the hills, meadows and high streets of the UK. Clean air to breathe, a beautiful world to inherit — and that means no dirty coal.


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Soon people in Mahan, India, will vote on whether to give up their rights and allow a coal-mining company to destroy their ancient forest.

There’s a serious risk locals will be bullied into voting for the coal mine. People speaking out have been threatened and even arrested.

India’s Minister of Tribal Affairs has the power to step in and ensure a fair village vote. But he’ll only act if he sees the risk of a huge international scandal about the intimidation of people he’s supposed to look out for.

We can show the Minister that risk is real with a fast-growing petition of thousands of signatures delivered to his office in Delhi.

Sign the petition to help Save Mahan Forest:

Many people in Mahan earn an income by collecting and selling seasonal forest produce such as mahua flowers and tendu leaves. But the plan to cut down this ancient forest of over 400,000 trees means they would lose these livelihoods, and the energy produced would be for industry, not people.

The community is very concerned about what’s happening. It looks like some people in the government are using underhand tactics to force through the mine’s approval. The Minister of Tribal Affairs could step in and make sure the vote is fair – but he’ll only act if he comes under pressure from India and around the world.

Sign the petition now — and local people will go to the Minister’s office to deliver it:

Forests all around the world are under threat, along with the local people who rely on them. And chopping down ancient trees is one of the leading causes of climate change.

In Mahan, the proposed coal mine would destroy the homes of wildlife too. Mahan Forest is beautiful, peaceful and full of life. Will the calls of birds and animals be replaced by the buzz of a thousand chainsaws?

Let’s protect the Mahan forest, and the futures of the people who depend on it:

University of Washington. Shame on YOU.

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Pigs are going under the knife at the University of Washington (UW). Nurses and paramedics train on the pigs — they practice on the pigs by cutting open their throats, then pushing a breathing tube and wire down. Each pig is practiced on 5 times. Then they’re killed.

It’s horribly cruel, and completely senseless.

Using animals as medical training subjects has been wiped out in most places across the country. Yet, UW refuses to stop killing pigs! Even though it’s well known that human-based medical simulators are much more effective for training and are cruelty-free.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is working hard to stop the animal suffering at UW. We’ve flooded the school with petitions, we’ve appealed to the administrators, and we’ve tried to educate them about simulators. But we must do more before another pig goes under the knife!

Physicians Committee has physicians, scientists, and veterinarians on our side ñ but we need more compassionate people like you to help. Please help us save animals from cruelty today!

Hedon Street Poll – 88% say “NO” to fracking in the East Riding

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Originally posted on The Hedon Blog:

Street ballot:  Mr Derek Gillett from Hedon casts his secret ballot. Pictured with Labour's Steve Gallant and General Election candidate Margaret Pinder.

Street ballot: Mr Derek Gillett from Hedon casts his secret vote. Pictured with Labour’s Steve Gallant and General Election candidate Margaret Pinder .

A STREET BALLOT conducted in Hedon on Saturday by the local Labour Party resulted in 88% of people polled voting NO to any fracking in the East Riding.

A press release issued by Holderness Labour Party said that most voters in the secret ballot held on the day were aware of the issues and deeply concerned about work already going on at West Newton and Walkington.

“The Government has already licensed much of the East Riding for fracking exploration. However, new reports from The Geological Society and World Resources Institute raise questions of water safety, particularly in areas dependent on aquifers for fresh water. Hull and the East Riding draws all its fresh water from the aquifer under our feet and the shale gas deposits the frackers…

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Why Does The Left Ignore The True Progressive Party – The Greens?

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Originally posted on Ian Sinclair journalism:

Why Does The Left Ignore The True Progressive Party – The Greens?
by Ian Sinclair
The Guardian
6 January 2014

The Green party of England and Wales has one MP, two MEPs, two London assembly members and 139 city and county councillors. Last year membership stood at 16,000. At the 2010 general election it fielded 310 candidates winning 265,243 votes. In the 2012 London mayoral election, the Green party’s Jenny Jones beat the Liberal Democrat candidate into third place. Despite this very real political presence the Green party seems to be invisible to many on the left in this country. Here are a few recent examples:

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Climate: EPA eyes limits on airline carbon pollution

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Originally posted on Summit County Citizens Voice:

U.S. airlines have long lobbied against any measures aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft, but they probably won't be able to dodge new EPA pollution regulations developed under the authority of the Clean Air Act.

U.S. airlines have long lobbied against any measures aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft, but they won’t be able to dodge new EPA pollution regulations developed under the authority of the Clean Air Act.

Agency targets spring 2016 to make initial findings

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — U.S. airlines, which have long been trying to greenwash their industry while dragging their feet on any meaningful steps to address greenhouse gas pollution, may soon be required to at least start thinking about cutting their carbon footprint.

Aviation accounts for about 11 percent of carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. transportation sector and is one of the fastest-growing sources of carbon pollution, rising between 3 percent to 5 percent a year. Carbon emissions from global aviation will quadruple by mid-century without action.

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This Is How To Cook With Seaweed At Home (Don’t Be Afraid)

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Originally posted on Emilio Cogliani:

Seaweed is a nutritional superstar. It’s a great source of iodine and antioxidants, both important nutrients for regulating health. And, beyond its superfood status, the salty vegetable spruces up any old dish with its unique texture and powerful salty flavor.

You might love the taste of seaweed, but only enjoy it in your dishes when you dine out. The unusual-looking packages of dried plants may appear more intimidating than intriguing, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Once you get the lay of the land — or sea — you’ll be perfectly prepped to whip up your own seaweed-starred dishes at home.

Here’s the break down:



Nori is the flaky, green seaweed used as a wrap for sushi. It’s often used in miso soup and as a garnish on salads and fish. It usually comes toasted, sold in full sheets for sushi wrapping and snack-sized sheets…

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