Protect Our Pets From Harmful Chemicals!

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Compound 1080 is a highly toxic chemical that’s used to protect livestock from predators like coyotes and foxes. This chemical is so deadly that one teaspoon can kill up to 100 people!

While keeping our farm animals safe is important, use of Compound 1080 is unacceptable. Not only can endangered animals ingest this toxin unwittingly, but pets have also been known to also consume it — leading to sickness or death.

Protecting the life of one animal at the expense of another is absurd. We have other methods of predator control that are less dangerous. Speak out against the use of Compound 1080 and ask that Congressman John Campbell move to prohibit it!

Scotland for Animals

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Do you work in an abattoir? Get in touch.

We would like to get in touch with staff working in Scotland’s slaughter industry. As you will know Scotland for Animals stress that workers in abattoirs are not ‘the enemy’ but a potential important first line of welfare protection.

We know that the situation in Scotland’s slaughterhouses means that it is very difficult for staff to prevent or report animal abuse. We also know from the contact we have with them that there are many who are sick of the cruelty they see every day in their workplaces but due to intimidation or threats of sacking are powerless to take action.

If you are one of these workers we want to hear from you.

You can open a line of communication with us or leave your messages in confidence. All we ask is that you identify which abattoir you work in.

If you do choose to open up a conversation we will keep all details strictly confidential. Only two SfA officials including myself will see your messages, no third parties will be included.

Scotland for Animals has a well deserved reputation for trust and integrity, we will at all times protect your identity.

Talk by a dropping us a line at

Mauritius – it’s is no holiday for the monkeys!

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Mauritius is an idyllic holiday destination, with its golden beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush vegetation. However, there is a dark side to this tropical paradise that involves the suffering of many thousands of monkeys.

Today, we have released our new eye-catching visual to draw attention to the leading role Mauritius plays in supplying monkeys to the global research industry.

Jim – as you’re reading this email, thousands of long-tailed macaques are imprisoned in concrete pens on breeding farms  across the island of Mauritius. Mothers, snatched from the wild, are used as breeding ‘machines,’ their youngsters taken from them to be later shipped around the world as cargo on airlines to supply research laboratories.

Ethical tourism is becoming more important to holiday makers when choosing a holiday destination and the cruel trade in monkeys for research can only tarnish the international reputation of Mauritius as a holiday paradise.

You can help us raise awareness for the monkeys of Mauritius by sharing the graphic below on social media. You can find it on the BUAV Save Our Monkeys campaign Facebook andTwitter pages. Please also write to the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority to voice your concerns and let them know that Mauritius should be a paradise for both human and non-human primates.

Mauritius really is no holiday for the monkeys. Please sign our petition to help us stop this cruel trade.


Be an ethical tourist – help us save the monkeys of Mauritius.

Are they JUNK to you?

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He was left to die slowly in what workers called “the junk pen“—where injured, undesirable, and sick pigs are kept.

After at least six days like this, he was found dead.



Pig 115544 was just one of many ill and injured pigs documented during PETA’s latest investigation.

One pig, known simply as 112688, struggled to stand and had to drag his hind legs across the filthy floor.



Day after day, this pig lay virtually motionless. He was not even put out of his misery. Instead, he was loaded onto a truck and hauled to slaughter.

Find out more about this investigation right now,
and STOP this from happening to pigs.



ALF publications

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Warcry Communications
Publishers of actionable media.
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Urgent: Bees

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Our bees are in danger again! On Tuesday, David Cameron and his cabinet are going to decide whether to allow banned bee killing pesticides to be used on fields across the UK. [1] Unbelievably, a mega pesticide company called Syngenta has just made an emergency appeal after their product was banned across Europe last year due to the risk it poses to our bees.

We’ve not got long to act. But if enough of us make a huge fuss right now, we could persuade David Cameron to throw out Syngenta’s request and uphold the ban.

Can you sign a petition to David Cameron right now demanding that he protects our bees?

The powerful pesticides that Europe banned last year are called neonicotinoids – and they pose a huge risk to bees. [2] Even though there is a Europe-wide ban on these pesticides, David Cameron could override it – but only in emergency circumstances.

Bees pollinate apples, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, cauliflowers, onions, cabbages, broccoli, carrots and many many more of our fruit and veg. [3] Without bees, we wouldn’t last very long!

Now Syngenta are trying to wriggle out of the ban, even though yesterday, scientists from across the world said there’s ‘conclusive’ evidence that Syngenta’s products are killing our bees. [4] And just last week, Barack Obama called for a wholesale review of the pesticides. [5]

Matt Shardlow, chief executive of bee-friendly charity Buglife said: “If the government approves Syngenta’s kneejerk and cynical application then the public are bound to question whether ministers are too close to the agrochemical companies and too distant from the ecology that feeds us.”

Please can you demand that David Cameron puts our bees before Syngenta’s profits?

Our bees don’t have a voice, but previously hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members have fought for them. We’ve marched on Parliament Square, we’ve signed petitions, we’ve sent thousands of emails and we’ve challenged the environment minister Owen Paterson in person. And we’ve worked alongside campaigners from across Europe to get these killer pesticides banned.

Now, before Tuesday, we need to pull out all the stops – again – to stop Syngenta sneaking through the back door and breaking the European ban.

Click here to sign the petition and put David Cameron under pressure to uphold the law:

Thanks for being involved,

URGENT: Sanctuary animals need your help today!

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As wildfires rage and hurricane season begins to take its toll across the country, untold numbers of animals are finding themselves in need of new homes to replace those lost to natural and man-made disasters. Thousands more, freed from a life of suffering in research laboratories, are in need of permanent safe havens.

The demand for animal sanctuaries has never been greater.

Through the NAVS Sanctuary Fund, we are proud to provide assistance to shelters and sanctuaries in desperate need of immediate intervention due to dire circumstances. But right now, that need is far exceeding available funding.

Sanctuary resources are stretched to their maximums. Requests for emergency funds are coming to NAVS in record numbers. And facilities are at risk of having to turn away the very creatures they’ve promised to care for.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your donation today to the NAVS Sanctuary Fund will allow these sanctuaries and shelters to continue their important work by helping defray costs from unforeseen damages and emergency situations. In fact, 100% of your donation to the NAVS Sanctuary Fund is used to help ensure permanent, lifetime care for animals—especially at times like this, when they need it the most.

Please consider making a donation—in any amount—to the NAVS Sanctuary Fund.


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