Circuses as Conservationist Organizations? (Written for The Ecotone Exchange)

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Originally posted on The Whisker Chronicles:

All photos from the Creative commons.

This week, Feld Entertainment announced that the thirteen elephants now traveling with the three Ringling Bros. Circus units will be retired in 2018. They will then join the remaining herd of more than 40 elephants at The Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida.


On the one hand, this is a positive story of the environment. Asian elephants are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). The IUCN crudely estimates that there are only 40,000-50,000 Asian elephants that remain in the wild. Retirement of the circus elephants appears to create one less demand for capturing wild elephants to be used in entertainment. However, generations of Ringling Bros. Circus elephants have been born from captive parents and therefore, for decades, have represented very little direct threat to wild elephant populations. But with any luck, this move…

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Poaching and animal trafficking become major crime concern for the US

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Trafficking with exotic birds is a problem the US tries to combat. Animal trafficking of exotic birds and other creatures has become a major crime concern for the United States. (Creative Commons: (CCBY) See-ming Lee / SML Photography )

WASHINGTON – Networks that illegally traffic in wildlife have grown, and authorities now regard the international trade as more of a national security issue than an environmental issue.

Wildlife trafficking is thought to be the third-most valuable illicit business worldwide, with an estimated worth of $8 billion to $10 billion annually. According to the Department of State, people in the United States purchase nearly 20 percent of all legal and illegal wildlife products on the market.

Birds are the most numerous contraband animals, along with millions of turtles, crocodiles, snakes and other reptiles.

SEE ALSO: Africa’s animal trafficking gateway to Europe is Spain

These trends in international environmental crime were discussed Monday at the Henry L. Stimson Center.

Wildlife traffic across borders has…

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Art is cruel?

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Jim Wood:

Can only agree. Why is this art.

Originally posted on Robin A. Sams:

Last night, a friend shared a link for this petition.  It is a petition to Florian Mehnert, a German artist, asking him to stop his latest installation, which may result in the killing of a rat.  The rat is in the installation (a big, open-topped, white box on a table) and is being monitored via webcam for eleven days.  At the end of the eleven days, Internet users can choose to remotely pull the trigger on a gun Mehnert has set up at one end of the box.

My first reaction was outright anger.  Animal cruelty isn’t art.

One friend said she would aim the gun at a wall and spend all the ammo.  The problem with that idea is there would be shrapnel/ricochet and, in that small of a space, the rat would likely still be killed.  Also, guns are not perfect; your aim could be off with the…

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Tips & Tricks: Common Cat Health Problems

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Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest post on Common Cat Health Problems written by Eric Jackson, Veterinary Consultant at

It sounds obvious, but cats are definitely not small dogs! Not only can cats exercise themselves if you live away from road traffic but they need quite different food. They can be fed little and often but always be aware of body condition so that your cat does not join the band of canine weight watchers!


The most common feline problems seen by vets involve a multiplicity of skin conditions. There are many different preparations for flea treatment and prevention but we still see many cats with fleas and flea allergy dermatitis. Fleas are often the “hidden enemy” as they can be difficult to see without careful inspection. Fleas on the body move quickly and leave calling cards in the form of black specks of flea dirt. They…

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Grong Grong Horror

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Originally posted on terrastendo:


So, it took an anonymous whistleblower to tell the world that 500 pigs died two weeks earlier from heat stress when an air cooling system failed at Grong Grong Piggery in New South Wales, Australia. [1]

The CEO of the company that owns the piggery subsequently said:

The welfare of our animals is our highest priority at all times

Sure, sure, higher than earning profits.

He also said:

Losses like this cut deep emotionally for all staff.

But only after he had said:

These animals are their livelihoods and they care for them every day.

So, they care for them every day because they are their livelihood?

Besides, how well do really they care for them?

Here’s what animal rights group Aussie Farms has reported in respect of this piggery [2]:

The piggery features the largest sow stall shed we’ve ever received footage from, with 8 rows of tiny metal…

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Trinity County- Animal Cruelty Charges

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Originally posted on Occupy Texas Animal Welfare & Rights:

Source: Trinity County Sheriff’s Office and Trinity Standard Newspaper

According to the Trinity Standard in early February a Trinity County woman by the name of Wanda McClain was accused of starving 16 dogs and cat at her Trinity County residence.

The 59-year-old was being held at the Houston County Jail on a class A misdemeanor. There is no bail information as of yet.

A patrol man responded to the call from a concerned individual during the last week of January according to the Trinity Standard the patrol man informed Investigator Tommy Park.

Park investigated the property in the Camp Branch subdivision off of FM 356 himself. According to the report, he found dogs chained to trees and held in chain link fences, as well as dogs and cats running around inside the home with feces all over the floors as well as trash build up.

More can be read here:

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Farm animals can be abused – Think before you eat

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Originally posted on Social Change 101:

The first image that comes to most of our minds when we think of animal cruelty is that of domesticated animals. Animals that have been starved, beaten, caged, tortured at home. Animal cruelty isn’t limited to just domesticated animals though. It encompasses ALL animals including the ones that provide us with meat, milk, eggs, etc.

Animals on factory farms shouldn’t be crammed into cages, deprived of clean air or food, have no access to sunlight.

Cows, calves, pigs, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and more are all living under stressful conditions according to Peta. These animals are subjected to small cages, aren’t allowed to exercise, fed drugs to plump them up, and genetically altered to grow/produce faster.

Can you imagine the suffering the animal went through before being turned into your hamburger patty? I’m a meat-eater, but I would prefer to know that the animals I am consuming lived as comfortably as…

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