How to Stop Wasting Food – and Start Saving Money

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Did you know that 7 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year by Britons alone? Almost 50% of it comes from homes, costing households on average £470 a year, or £700 a year for a family with children. That’s nearly £60 a month that could be spent freely elsewhere. We’ve put together a few tips to help you waste less food and get back that cash you’ve been throwing in the bin.

1. Get realistic

There are two main reasons people throw away good food: preparing too much and not eating it in time. Sounds familiar? To see how well you and your family are doing, keep a waste log for a week and you will quickly understand if you’re overestimating your family’s eating habits. This helps you get realistic about whether you actually need to buy that extra loaf of bread and that extra carton of milk “just in case”.

2. Plan meals

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march against monsanto!

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Hundreds of Protest Happening Around the World
Saturday, May 23, 2015

Portland, Maine – Congress Street Park @ 2:00 pm
March for Food Freedom and Pollinator “Die-In”
Find a protest near you!

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Those claims that Monsanto made – that glyphosate was harmless to humans – well, the company is about to pay for that ‘false advertising’ in the form of a class action lawsuit put forth by the offices of T. Matthew Phillips in Los Angeles, California.

In the lawsuit filed in California, Monsanto is accused of:

The deliberate falsification to conceal the fact that glyphosate is harmful to humans and animals.

The class action lawsuit (Case No: BC 578 942) was filed in Los Angeles County, California against biotechnology giant Monsanto. It alleges that Monsanto is guilty of false advertising by claiming that glyphosate, the active ingredient in their best-selling herbicide, Roundup, “targets an enzyme only found in plants and not in humans or animals.” You can see this statement marked clearly on some of Monsanto’s products sold in the state.

 Major Lawsuit Targets Monsanto for Selling Cancer-Linked Herbicide

The lawsuit attests that the enzyme in question, EPSP synthase, is found…

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Protesters Block Entrance To Monsanto’s Woodland Facility

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Originally posted on CBS Sacramento:

WOODLAND (CBS13) – Environmental advocates are risking arrest by blocking the entrance to Monsanto’s Woodland facility Thursday morning.

There are dozens of protesters at facility, some holding signs and banners.  They plan on blocking the entrance to when the employees show up for work.

The protest is part of anti-Monsanto action in locations worldwide Thursday.

Activists take exception with Monsanto’s work in genetically modified food.

“I am out here to try and stop Monsanto’s operations, at least for today,” said protester Mindy Donham. “One day can make a difference in making people aware there is a problem.”

RELATED: Honeybee Researchers Search For Answers On Bee Colony Collapse

Monsanto released a statement Thursday morning, noting they are proud of their work with farmers.

“Our goal is to help farmers do this in a more sustainable way using fewer resources and having a smaller impact on the environment.  We know people have…

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A List of Ways You Can Fight PETA’s Killing Machine

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I was a little over ten miles into my run yesterday, I’d been pacing myself to hit fifteen — I was feeling strong and focused. At least until a sudden, worrying pain in my right calf shocked me out of my zone. I stopped running, stretched, walked, started running, the pain shot through my calf again. I stopped, cursed, started, and the pain said “are you insane? STOP!” So I did, because I’ve learned the hard way that running through pain is a very foolish thing. I felt pretty fricking robbed though. I still do. And it’s made me edgy.

Halfway through a cut throat game of Go Fish with our two youngest, our middle child noticed that my leg was taped and wrapped. She got a look on her face that was something between absolute horror and panic and said “Are you injured?” I told her yes, I just…

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There is no kind way to rip the skin off an animal’s back

Say NO to fur and fur trim.

Ashley James’ Anti-Fur Photoshoot for PETA



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My Frustration with Animal Rights’ Organizations

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Originally posted on The Living Philosopher:

Dear Animal Rights Organizations,

After becoming aware of and deeply disturbed by the suffering of animals in factory farms, I sought out organizations that would help me agitate against agri-business. I donated to the Humane Society of the United States, Farm Sanctuary, and Compassion over Cruelty.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was next on my list, but I think that organization would have the same shortcomings as I am about to express with regard to the others.

The tried and true approaches to change, which all rights movements have used, are lacking in improving the lot of millions of suffering farm animals.  When I contributed to the above-named organizations and got on mailing lists, I was ready to join the legislative lobbying campaign for a federal bill to prevent cruelty to farmed animals, to show up at the pig factory in Iowa to protest, to travel to the…

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