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Protest 30 May: Tax the rich! Rebuild the NHS!‏

Protest 30 May: Tax the rich! Rebuild the NHS!

Date: Wednesday 30 May, 2012 – 17:00 – 18:30
Location: Care Uk, London Office, St Vincent’s House, 21 Great
Winchester Street, EC2N 2JA

Pdf leaflet at

Care Uk is one of the big private profit companies already making a
killing out of the NHS and poised to make many more millions aided by
the Health and Social Care Act.

Care UK’s boss John Nash paid Tory health minister Andrew Lansley
£21,000, when Lansley was in opposition, to fund Lansley’s private

We believe there is no place for private profit in the National Health
Service.We want the NHS to be paid for by progressive taxation, making
the rich pay their fair share towards health care for all, free at the
point of need.

Called by Health Alarm, http://healthalarm1159.wordpress.com

Phone: (+44) 20 7394 8923
(+44) 7950 978 083
Skype: dlandmj
Skype phone number from Australia: 07 3102 4681

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