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UK: Banksters behind bars‏

For the first time ever the government is asking the public if guilty bank bosses should be locked up. Finally, this is our chance to hold these fraudsters to account, but the banking lobby is powerful and it’s going to take all of us to push this through.

Bank bosses such as Barclays’ Bob Diamond have pocketed tens of millions in bonuses while their banks rigged interest rates and ripped off consumers. So far they’ve got off scott free, but the tide is turning. Chancellor George Osborne has just started an official public consultation on whether negligent or reckless bosses should be jailed. It’s up to us — if 100,000 of us answer yes right now, we could force through this critical plan.

The Barclays scandal has opened a pandora’s box of fraud and deception and it’s our best chance in decades to clean up big banks, hold the bosses to account, and massively deter reckless and greedy banksters. But Osborne is just testing the waters and won’t act unless we flood this consultation with massive numbers. Sign the petition to put the banksters behind bars and share with everyone — when we reach 100,000 signers we’ll deliver it to the the Treasury as part of their consultation:


Barclays and other banks have manipulated interest rates for their benefit, putting our homes and jobs at risk. They stand accused of conspiracy and false accounting, yet regulators appear powerless to hold them to account — the Serious Fraud Office, Parliament and others are investigating, but Barclays has so far just been fined a tiny fraction of its £6 billion profits, and its bosses are walking into the sunset with bulging wallets and no charges.

We know a massive push from us now can work. After power company Enron faked their accounts to get rich quick, a public outcry forced through new rules so that company bosses are personally responsible if their companies put out false numbers. Now the government’s new official consultation will determine whether bank bosses are made individually responsible for their banks’ culture and practices. The public consultation results will be officially considered in two bills that are now before Parliament.

Let’s seize this new and rare opportunity to deter risky and immoral banking by ensuring bank bosses are put behind bars if their institution fails to act responsibly. We can make this happen. Sign now, then share widely — if 100,000 of us join the call, we can ensure criminal sanctions for bankers who commit financial crimes:


Last summer, against the odds, we succeeded in getting politicians to cut their ties to the Murdoch empire and ensure prosecution of those responsible for phone hacking were arrested. Now, together, we can end the impunity for wealthy bankers.

  1. Jenny Brooke
    July 13, 2012 at 08:16

    I would sign this petition if I could get to it- is it somehow fixed that we cannot get to the petition?

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