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Experts concerned after Bald Eagle poisoned


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NOBLE, Okla. – A bald eagle was poisoned earlier this month despite efforts of rescue workers to save it.

The poisoning of our national emblem is not a good sign for the safety of Oklahomans.

Rhondi Large said she makes it her mission to help heal animals struggling to survive.

When the bald eagle was brought to WildCare for treatment, Large knew right away something was very wrong.

“She just didn’t have the fight,” Large said. “She didn’t have the spunk, the fire, that normally they would have.”

Despite everything Large and her team could do, a few days later the bird died.

The cause? High levels of lead and rat poison.

“She was just way too toxic for us to be able to pull through,” she said.

This poisoning isn’t just a problem for animals, it’s a big problem for people as well.

Because animals often…

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