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New Dutch beetle species discovery

Dear Kitty. Some blog

In the Dutch province Limburg, Portuguese workers are exploited.

Fortunately, there is also better southern Europe-related news from that province.

Anillus caecus female, Verlengde Winkelberg, photo by Theodoor Heijerman

Translated from the Stichting Bargerveen in the Netherlands, Friday 4 October 2013:

Tiny blind beetle, new for the Netherlands

A new South European ground beetle species has been found in the Netherlands. It is only two millimeters. Eyes and wings are missing and the creature lives underground. In 2012, the first three specimens were caught in Bemelen (south Limburg). This year, it turned out that the beetles live in large parts of the Bemelerberg hills. The journal Entomologische Berichten reports so this week.

While sorting out ground level traps of the Verlengde Winkelberg hill in Bemelen in 2012 a very small (about two millimeters), yellow-brown, eyeless beetle was found. Research by beetle expert Ron Felix concluded this was a male Anillus caecus, a beetle species which had…

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