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Convict Poachers Who Poisoned Over 100 Elephants

Eight poachers have figured out a new and disturbing way to kill elephants, choosing to poison them with cyanide.  So far, one hundred elephants have died just in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.  Still worse is that the poisoning, although aimed for the elephants, is harming other animals in the vicinity.  Now hundreds more animals are in danger.  These poachers must be caught and brought to justice.

The new method poachers are using to kill the elephants is to place cyanide-laced salts around the watering holes where they drink.  Soon after eating the salts, the elephants fall over and endure an agonizing death while poachers extract their tusks.  The death toll of the elephants is expected to rise, as police believe that there may be more elephant carcasses within the park that have not yet been found.  More dead animals and birds are sure to follow, as they end up feeding on the dead elephants, also ingesting the deadly poison.

Of the hundreds of elephants sacrificed for greed, only seventeen tusks were able to be recovered thus far.  It is likely that the remainder were shipped from Africa to Asia, where poachers can receive thousands of dollars for each.  In response to this tragedy, representatives from six African countries pledged their support of elephant conservation.

If elephant poaching is not stopped, it is estimated that they will be extinct within ten years.  Only three of the eight poachers implementing cyanide-laced salt have been caught and sentenced thus far.  The remaining five have not yet been found.  Demand that these poachers be caught and sentenced for killing over one hundred elephants.

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