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Stop the abuse of cats‏

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Experimenters at the University of Utah purchased an orange-and-white tabby cat named Robert from a local animal shelter, drilled holes into his head, cut open his skull, and attached electrodes to his brain.

Sadly, Robert is not the only one.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, experimenters intentionally deafened a gentle cat named Double Trouble, implanted metal coils in her eyes, and screwed a bolt to the top of her head. Records show that her anesthetics wore off in the middle of surgery—and the terrified cat woke up as they were cutting into her head and skull.

Frightened cats, dogs, monkeys, and other animals are abused and killed daily at universities and in other laboratories around the United States and the world.

PETA urgently needs your help to shut down these experimentation hellholes—and when you make a gift today as part of the Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge, you’ll have twice the impact.

Donate right now to support campaigns to expose abuse in laboratories and save animals from horrifying treatment. Your gift will be MATCHED dollar for dollar, up to $500,000!

I wish that Double Trouble and Robert were the only cats who have had to suffer at the hands of university experimenters, but they’re not. In fact, their stories are anything but unique. With the beginning of a new school year, you can be sure that as you read this, tens of thousands of intelligent, sensitive felines are trapped in barren cages in terrifying laboratories. They are cowering in fear and writhing from the pain of implantations, infections, and much worse.

PETA’s bold tactics make a difference for animals—but they’re possible only with support from people like you. Here’s what you can help make happen:

  • Exposing cruelty: PETA’s undercover investigations change hearts and minds. We’ve documented that people physically abused dogs and cats in laboratories, forced tubes up terrified monkeys’ noses to pump experimental chemicals into their stomachs, and dismembered live, semiconscious goats with tree trimmers in crude, archaic military exercises.
  • Holding attention-grabbing protests: At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Academy Award nominee James Cromwell disrupted a Board of Regents meeting to protest the torture of Double Trouble and other cats on the campus. Along with a PETA staff member, he was arrested—and garnered widespread international media attention for this crucial campaign.
  • Rescuing animals from laboratory hellholes: PETA helps find loving homes for animals who suffer in cruel experiments—from Tulip, a gentle mouse rescued during an undercover investigation at the University of North Carolina, to Sheena, an adorable mutt who was destined for a deadly experiment at the University of Utah. PETA members make a difference.

Our work to expose the horrors of laboratory experiments and rescue animals from cruelty and abuse saves lives. But we can’t do it without you.

More cats will endure the suffering that Robert and Double Trouble did. Please add add your voice to those of other kind people. Become a part of the Global “Stop Animal Tests” Challenge. Your gift will be doubled for TWICE the impact.

We have only a few weeks left to meet our challenge goal. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for animals still imprisoned in university laboratories.

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