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October 14, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

For those of us who have dogs – and even those of us who don’t – they are our loyal companions, members of the family. They have warm beds to curl up in, favorite toys to play with, and plenty of food and love. Life is sweet.

It’s hard to imagine just how different it is for “street dogs.” For them, life revolves around the search for food and avoiding human cruelty. Disease is prevalent, posing health risks to both animals and people. In some cases, street dogs are snatched up for the dog meat trade and bound and muzzled for days or weeks at a time before being trucked to slaughter.

But there is hope. HSI is working hard to improve life for these vulnerable animals, and we’re making a difference. Please take a moment to watch this special video to see us in action.

You should see the impact we’re having. To date, we’ve successfully adopted humane mass sterilization and vaccinations programs in Bhutan and India. With HSI guidance, support and training, the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh has stopped its dog culling program and has implemented a mass sterilization and vaccination program as a humane alternative.

Thanks to YOU – our supporters – we have helped dim the lights on this year’s Yulin dog meat event in China. And we’ve joined forces with other organizations to push for a moratorium on the commercial dog meat trade in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

But there’s still much to do. Watch our video to learn more about the dog meat trade and how you can help our Street Dog campaign.

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