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Demand Military Stop Abusing Animals for Training

October 15, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments
Demand Military Stop Abusing Animals for Training. The military is abusing and killing thousands of animals for trauma training. Pigs and goats are stabbed, shot and burned during tests. Urge the military to end this outrageous abuse.
Stop U.S. From Destroying Environment with Keystone XL Oil Pipeline. The poisonous Keystone XL oil pipeline is an environmental disaster. It benefits only TransCanada, its investors, and the companies that will use it to export oil to countries like China. It will give away America’s most valuable asset — our natural resources — all for the benefit of big oil companies and foreign investors.
Punish Man for Chaining Dog to a Tree for Four Years. A man starved, abused and mistreated Toby, his German Shepherd, and was only fined $25 for this heinous act. Let’s demand this cruel behavior be appropriately punished.
Tax Corporations For Outsourcing American Jobs. Large companies are hurting our economy by moving American jobs overseas. With our country in serious debt and high unemployment rates everywhere, it is time to tax these businesses for outsourcing jobs. Urge Congress to raise taxes on businesses that destroy jobs.
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