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The government, the MSP and the animal charity…

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Scotland for Animals has a campaign to get compulsory CCTV into Scotland’s abattoirs.  SfA forced the Scottish Government to admit they had lied that they had legal advice that CCTV could not be introduced by law in under new Scottish slaughter laws.

 OneKind, who record minutes of the meetings, and the MSP who chairs them worked to cover this up.   In retaliation these parties came together to have SfA expelled from the Parliamentary Animal Welfare Group for exposing what they did.

 OneKind have been circulating statements attempting to justify their involvement in the expulsion of Scotland for Animals from the Group on 24th September.

 They have also finally admitted the Scottish Government did in fact state that they had no legal advice regarding compulsory CCTV despite claiming that they did. This comes after months of involvement in censoring minutes to hide this lie.

 For the benefit of truth, political accountability, and the animals betrayed I will address their misleading excuses here.

 1) OneKind claim that they were in the process of amending the minutes to reflect what was truly said when Scotland for Animals went public with the cover-up.

Since February Scotland for Animals made repeated requests for the government’s admission that they lied to be recorded in official minutes. Every request was refused.

 OneKind stated they had “sought a response on these from (the) Scottish Government. (The Government) provided a further suggested version.” This “suggested version” became the final official minutes of the meeting.

 OneKind has now admitted that “At the meeting it appears that under SfA questioning the Scottish Government representative acknowledged that the Scottish Government did not have independent legal advice regarding its powers under the EU slaughter regulation 1099/2009 to legislate for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses.” 

After months of denials and SfA’s expulsion for revealing the truth, here finally is the admission that Scotland for Animals were in the right.

 It’s worth noting that the official minutes still don’t contain what was said.

 2) OneKind claim they attempted to resolve the matter but Scotland for Animals refused to co-operate.

For four months OneKind and the MSP involved refused to amend the minutes to reflect the truth. SfA had no option but to submit a formal complaint to Standards Authorities.

 Despite OneKind being named in these complaints, they contacted us repeatedly asking to meet with us outwith the Group and in private to discuss “recent misunderstandings”. They also contacted us directly asking us to send a copy of our complaints. 

 As this is not proper practice we declined. Requests by SfA to cease contacting us were ignored.

 3) OneKind claim Statements made regarding their officials and the Convenor of the Cross-Party Group being dishonest and being guilty of collusion are untrue.

After discussions with the Scottish Government, OneKind and the Convenor left a damaging confession out of official minutes.  This is dishonesty and collusion.

 4)OneKind claim Scotland for Animals’ complaints were dismissed

Standards Authorities told SfA that they could not follow up complaints because they admitted they had no power to investigate allegations of the recording of fraudulent minutes within Cross Party Groups.  NOT because the substance of our complaints was unsound.

 5) OneKind claim that Scotland for animals were suspended

Scotland for Animals were nominated, seconded and voted onto the Cross-Party Group years ago. At the meeting we were stripped of our membership and told that we were not even permitted to attempt to re-apply to join the Group for at least a year.


This is an expulsion, not a suspension.

 5) OneKind claim they support CCTV

OneKind do not support mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses. They state that this is because “there is no enthusiasm for this in any administration” i.e OneKind don’t support mandatory CCTV because the government don’t want it. 

 OneKind has also been actively involved in protecting the Scottish Government from exposure for the lies they told to block the introduction of CCTV.

  6) OneKind claim one of the reasons they supported SfA’s expulsion was due to our “constant confrontation and hostility” at meetings.

It’s worth noting OneKind are repeating the Scottish Government almost word-for-word regarding our allegedly hostile and confrontational behaviour towards Government officials at Group meetings. We made a formal request for evidence to support these allegations – they couldn’t provide any.

 For many years SfA has consistently worked to defend the rights and welfare of animals, both on the Cross Party Animal Welfare Group and the Parliament in general. This has understandably led to disagreements with the Government and industries involved in the exploitation of animals.  We have however been polite and professional at all times.

 Scotland for Animals secured the setting up of the Parliamentary Sub-Group to look into introducing CCTV in abattoirs. This is a result of our work in bringing consensus between the animal movement and sections of the slaughter industry. SfA has brought very diverse sectors and individuals together if anything.

 The fact that OneKind believe that holding the government and animal abusers to account amounts to “confrontation and hostility” says a lot about the organisation.

 The League Against Cruel Sports

The League Against Cruel Sports joined OneKind along with hunting and shooting supporters to have SfA expelled.  LACS claim they had no option as SfA had made “serious and unsubstantiated allegations” against OneKind.  As LACS has a partnership with OneKind and these “allegations” were actually statements of fact supported by evidence we can only assume they used their vote to punish an organisation who exposed their mates for wrongdoing and joined up with some very questionable elements to carry this out.

 LACS are also repeating OneKind’s false claim that Scotland for Animals were suspended. We were not suspended, we were expelled.

 Scotland for Animals has been purged from the political process for not bowing our heads and toeing the line. It’s that simple.

 Don’t abandon Scotland’s animals to a Government that doesn’t care and their allies who are literally helping them get away with murder.

 Here is why we must carry on  and why we will carry on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewS5-DmKmOM


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