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Monkeys are being abused behind closed doors

October 24, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Monkeys don’t just appear in laboratories.

First, they’re lured into cages baited with bananas. Once the door slams shut, they frantically try to escape. Trappers transport them to horrendous factory farms where they’re locked in filthy cages. Females remain there—often for years—to be used as breeding machines. Their babies are torn away from them and shipped to laboratories. After a long, terrifying trip trapped in the cargo hold of a plane, the young monkeys could face any number of abuses in the laboratory.

Thick tubes may be painfully jammed up their noses or down their throats so that dangerous chemicals can be pumped into their stomachs. Or they could have holes drilled into their skulls, be exposed to anthrax, or be infected with botulism or bubonic plague.

Monkeys try their best to resist, but ultimately they can’t stop the cruelty that awaits them. They need your help. Your gift by October 31 will be DOUBLED, up to $500,000, to help stop the heartless primate-transport business in its tracks and to help end all gruesome experiments on animals.

As a PETA supporter, you know what happens behind laboratories’ doors—and you’re committed to ending this appalling cruelty. The global trade in primates used for experimentation is complex, but with your generous gift today, we can attack it from all sides:

  • Help stop the transport of primates. Following intense pressure from PETA supporters and our allies, in the past year Philippine Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and United Airlines announced that they will no longer transport primates. Today, only two major airlines continue this barbaric practice.
  • Help change public opinion. We’ve publicized photos and videos from whistleblowers that show monkeys struggling, screaming, and trembling as they tried—in vain—to defend themselves in laboratories. These are the images that turn the tide of public opinion, adding more voices to this fight.
  • Help shut down laboratories across the United States. We’ve exposed abuse at facilities such as the infamous Oregon National Primate Research Center, where primates are forced into cages so tiny that they can barely sit upright. And after decades of campaigning by PETA and others, Harvard University recently announced that it will shut down its own primate center.

Every year, more than 125,000 primates are imprisoned in laboratories. I know you’re as committed as I am to bringing that number down to zero.

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