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Protect Puffins from Starvation

October 24, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Young puffins born on islands off the coast of Maine were found dead in their nests this spring.

The colorful young birds had starved. Their fish moved north or to deeper, colder waters in response to climate change.

The facts are clear: puffins cannot afford any further delay on climate action.

Speak up for puffins—send a message to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of limiting the carbon pollution that’s fueling climate change.

Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency is considering a proposal to limit carbon pollution from new coal-fired power plants. And currently, coal-fired power plants are our country’s single largest source of carbon pollution, so enacting this proposal would go a long way in the fight to curb climate change.

Populations of Atlantic puffins near Maine are plummeting—a dangerous sign that the future looks bleak for these beloved seabirds. This news is particularly heartbreaking for the puffins that return each year to Maine islands. These puffins were once almost completely wiped out, but climbed back to health after decades of conservation efforts.

We can act today for puffins by voicing our support for Environmental Protection Agency action to limit carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Speak up for puffins suffering from warming oceans—support limits on carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Power plants add up to 40% of the carbon pollution in the United States. And while there are limits on arsenic, lead, soot and other pollution from power plants, there are no national limits to the carbon pollution.

Big Polluters are doing everything they can to fight these newly proposed pollution limits, so the Environmental Protection Agency needs to hear about the widespread public support today.

Take action for puffins that are suffering from climate change—tell the Environmental Protection Agency to move forward with this critical action on climate change now.

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