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Charity expose true level of animal experiments in Scotland

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Following the Home Office release of UK data Scotland for Animals has secured separate figures highlighting the scale of animal experiments in Scotland.
In 2012 over 600,000 animals were used in research. 62% of those involved received no form of anaesthetic throughout procedures.
Scotland for Animals Spokesman John Patrick: “Animal research doesn’t work. 92% of drugs found to be effective in animal trials go on to fail when applied to humans. Any other method of alleged research with a 90% fail rate that was responsible for thousands of deaths would have been binned long ago so why do people involved in the lucrative vivisection industry still get away with murder or is that self explanatory?”.
“Scots are suffering and dying directly because of this useless method of research.”
“Scotland is proportionately the main location for animal experiments in the UK. Although the issue is reserved the Scottish Government still has the power to withhold public money from organisations who continue to use animal models.”
“SfA want to see Scotland become a world leader in reliable and effective research without the use of animals. This will save lives and and give a desperately needed boost to our economy.”


For detailed breakdown of figures please get in touch.
623, 194 animals were used in experiments in Scotland in 2012. There are 27 establishments licensed to carry these out. (1)

92% of new drugs successful in animal studies go on to fail in human trials. (2)

82% of doctors in an independent survey in 2004 were “concerned that animal data can be misleading when applied to humans” and 83% would “support an independent scientific evaluation of the clinical relevance of animal experimentation.” (3)

Despite claims that it is essential, no evaluation has been carried out regarding the efficacy or effectiveness of animal experiments. (4)

Many studies have shown that animals predict correctly for humans less than 50% of the time: worse than tossing a coin. (5)

More than 10,000 people are killed every year in the UK by side effects of prescription medicines. (6)

Many practitioners and funders of animal experimentation also admit that it is a poor predictor of how drugs will perform in humans. For example Cancer Research UK have stated that “We do trials in people because animal models do not predict what will happen in humans” (7). The reliance of these organisations and individuals on animal models is widely acknowledged to be significantly affected by fear of litigation should a product cause death, injury or not be fit for purpose.


(1) Home Office figures

(2) Lester Crawford, FDA Commissioner, in The Scientist 6.8.04 “More compounds failing Phase I”  /    US Food and Drug Administration (2004) Innovation or Stagnation, Challenge and Opportunity on the Critical Path to New Medical Products.

(3) Survey conducted by TNS Healthcare; see www.curedisease.net/news/040903.shtml

(4) “Government has not commissioned or evaluated any formal research on the efficacy of animal experiments and has no plans to do so.” Home Office Minister Caroline Flint, 2004.

“the reliability and relevance of all existing animal tests should be reviewed as a matter of urgency.” Toxicology Working Group of the House of Lords Select Committee on Animals in Scientific Procedures, 2002.

(5) GAO/PEMD-90-15 FDA Drug Review: Postapproval Risks 1976-1985.

(6) Pirmohamed, M. British Medical Journal 2004;329:15-19

(7) Dr Sally Burtles, Cancer Research UK. Report of the Expert Scientific Group on phase one clinical trials/ TGN1412.

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