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Egg cruelty on Forbes.com and Canada’s CTV news show

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Egg cruelty has made big news over the last week. Canada’s most popular magazine show, w5, aired a shocking egg farm expose. Then Forbes magazine printed two pieces: one, by James McWilliams, lets us know that small egg farms are not the answer; the other is about Hampton Creek’s “fake eggs.”

Earlier this year, W5, Canada’s most highly rated weekly news magazine show, which airs on Canada’s top-rated network, CTV, produced a stunning expose of pig farms based on undercover video obtained by Canada’s branch of Mercy for Animals.
(My DawnWatch on that is at http://www.dawnwatch.com/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/dw1000000dawnwat/20130511185636 )

On Saturday, October 19, the show matched its own effort, this time sharing Mercy for Animals video to bring Canadians inside two huge egg farms. The teaser for the show referred to “nightmarish conditions” and it is made clear, during the segment, that these are standard egg farms, not aberrations.

At one point the reporter notes the stacked cages and says the farm looks like “a giant penitentiary for hens.” But the stacked cages are not the only issue. The voice-over describes scenes we see such as this:
“Nearby are dead birds that appeared to have been there for some of time, birds with missing neck feathers and some with severe urine scalding on their backsides.”

We learn that at a nearby hatchery, also investigated, chicks are often mangled by machinery and:
“Perhaps most disturbingly, sick or injured chicks are seen being killed by a practice called ‘thumping’ — where a bird is smashed against a hard surface to kill it. On several occasions the video shows birds that survived but are left in a garbage bag along with a pile of already dead chicks.”

Those bags, including the live chicks, go into the incinerator.

When I watched the pig farm expose I was thrilled to hear the Mercy for Animals undercover worker tell viewers that if they want to put an end to the cruelty the best thing they can do is stop eating meat. Once again we are treated to some straightforward words from Mercy for Animals, Canada. While most US groups seem to try to hide our message behind terms they deem palatable, such as “animal protection,” Twyla Francois, director of investigations at Mercy for Animals, Canada, says during the segment:

“I think animals rights is the next great debate that Canadians need to have. And I believe that Canadians will look at these conditions and really feel, ‘I don’t want to be supporting this anymore; I’m going to be demanding alternatives.'”

Please watch this fantastic expose, which is now on line at http://tinyurl.com/ltn5877

And please send W5 a big fat thank you. The show takes feedback at w5@ctv.ca

Meanwhile an article on the Forbes website lets us know that the “alternatives” people should be seeking aren’t cage free eggs. The piece, by James McWilliams, is titled “Small, Free-Range Egg Producers Can’t Escape Problems Of Factory Farms.”

I am delighted to note that it is “the first in a series exploring the intersection between animals and agriculture.”

Please check out the column to read some of what’s wrong with eggs from free-range producers — including antibiotic overuse — and please comment below it. The piece is on line at http://tinyurl.com/ldcyk5s

Then finally to a good alternative:
Forbes has an article on line, by Beth Hoffman, titled “End Of The Egg? ‘Fake Egg’ Company Aims To Replace 79 Billion Chicken Eggs Laid Each Year.” That company is Hampton Creek Foods and founder Josh Tetrick says, “We don’t want to take a percentage of the caged-chicken market. We want to end the practice altogether, by making to make our product more affordable and better than eggs.”
You’ll find that article on line at

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