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Urge the Philippines to End the Dog Meat Trade

November 4, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

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Most of us consider dogs to be companion animals and even valued family members. Tragically, this is not the case in the Philippines where the commercial trade in dog meat has proliferated to the point where specialty dog meat restaurants are widespread and hundreds of thousands of dogs are slaughtered every year for this so called “delicacy.” Take action!

As you read this, helpless dogs are waiting in makeshift slaughterhouses to have their throats cut. They are treated as nothing more than objects. Crammed so tightly into wire cages they cannot move … struggling for every breath in the stifling heat with their snouts tied shut. Many of them will have suffocated by the time it’s their turn to be slaughtered. Sign the Network for Animals petition to stop the illegal dog meat trade.

Dog meat eating was banned in the Philippines in 1998 with the passage of the Animal Welfare Act, but the law is rarely enforced, the judicial system is corrupt and bribery is common. Even if dog meat traders are convicted, they get off with a slap on the wrist only to return to their cruel trade. Not only is the dog meat trade inhumane, it is also implicated in the spread of rabies, a terrifying disease that kills approximately 300 people and 10,000 dogs in the Philippines every year.

But finally there is hope. Lobbying by animal protection groups has led to strengthened legislation that increases fines and includes jail time for convicted dog meat traders. With pressure from you we can get the police to take action against this illegal trade and alleviate the suffering of these poor dogs.

  1. Ron
    November 25, 2013 at 02:27

    hope he died in the tyfoon 😡

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