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Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!

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terrible footage, but its something that people need to see.

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox

As a supporter of animal rights I have come across some shocking instances of cruelty but what follows turned my stomach at the very thought of the sheer cruelty involved. How the hell can any sane rational person commit such an atrocity against a living feeling sentient creature is beyond my ability to comprehend. The pain suffered by these defenceless animals is unthinkable.

Bleeding bunnies scream in pain as they are plucked alive for hats, socks, scarves and jumpers.

A PETA Asia investigation into angora farms in China – the world’s top producer of angora wool – has revealed shockingly cruel treatment of rabbits.

Please continue reading and watch the video

Warning this film is shocking I could not watch for more than a moment or so, the screams from these poor rabbits is unbearable to hear.

Please please read the following information included in the link below and  say no to angora wool and join the campaign against this cruel…

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