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Help the bats

November 22, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Threats facing many of America’s species of bats have reached crisis level and we urgently need your help.

Time to act may be especially short for the northern long-eared bat – which, like so many other species of bats, has fallen victim to a lethal epidemic called white nose syndrome.

Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to move forward with its proposed listing for the northern long-eared bat under the Endangered Species Act and to provide similar protections for the eastern small-footed bat.

White nose syndrome (WNS), a lethal fungal infection affecting hibernating bats, has raged throughout the eastern United States and Canada since first being documented in 2006, and is rapidly spreading westward. Bat populations have been decimated wherever the disease has spread.

Bats are essential to our ecological well-being and their disappearance could be catastrophic. They consume massive quantities of insect pests, including those that destroy many valuable crops.

Please urge FWS to protect these creatures that are vital to our very existence.

Bats were already facing severe conservation pressures from habitat destruction and other human disturbances. The outbreak of WNS could push many species past the point of no return.

Please act today – the comment period ends December 2nd!


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