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Tell Fish and Wildlife to save the red knot from extinction

November 23, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Twice a year, red knots make one of the world’s longest migrations – more than 9,000 miles between South America and the Canadian Arctic. The birds must stop along the way to rest and refuel. Delaware Bay is perhaps the most important stopover. Here, the birds gorge on the newly laid eggs of horseshoe crabs, providing the fat stores they need to complete their journey.

Since the 1990s, however, horseshoe crabs have seen their own numbers crash, primarily due to overfishing. Without the nourishment of the horseshoe crab eggs, red knots die before completing their journey, or arrive on their breeding grounds too frail to breed.

Red knots face other dangers too. Climate change is making the birds’ Arctic tundra nesting grounds less suitable for breeding. Additionally, beach development and sea level rise are degrading other stopover habitats.

Let FWS know that you support red knots and want them protected under the Endangered Species Act!

A threatened or endangered listing would make critical resources available for red knot protection. Please, there is no time to lose as this bird plunges toward extinction – take action today!

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