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Big cats look set to return to English circus!

November 24, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Following the removal of the last of the performing big cats in English circuses in February this year, it seems that lions and tigers will be returning to the big top in England as an act prepares to ship these magnificent animals over from Ireland.

News reports yesterday in Northern Ireland confirmed that a group of lions and tigers, which appear to be some of the same animals that have been part of Tom Duffy’s Circus for a number of years will “soon” be sent to an English circus.

TigersThis follows worrying news only two weeks ago, that Government advisors had recommended that the long-overdue ban on the use of wild animals in circusesshould cover just big cats and elephants.

CAPS has long argued that a joined-up approach between the UK and Ireland is vital in order to ensure that suffering is not simply shifted across borders in the event that one country implements a ban and others don’t.

Ministers from Dublin and Belfast have announced in the last few days that they have appointed a team to consider the use of wild animals in circusesIt is vital that we act NOW, to show them that only a ban will do.



* If you live in England, please write to Lord de Mauley today on demauley@parliament.uk and demand that the ban on all wild animals in circuses is implemented as soon as possible.

* If you live in the Republic of Ireland, please contact Minister, Simon Coveney onsimon.coveney@oir.ie to request an outright ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

* If you live in Northern Ireland, please contact Minister, Michelle O’Neill ondardhelpline@dardni.gov.uk with the same request.

* Scotland has recently confirmed that a consultation will be carried out in the coming year and Wales have confirmed their commitment to a ban. We need the whole of the UK and Ireland to come together to achieve the best result for the animals.

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