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Demo against fur in Stavanger

November 25, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Chuck the Vegan traveling Chick

Just recently I was in Norway and some of my friends were putting together a big demonstration in the city Stavanger in Norway. The event was a national demonstration in a total of 12 cities around Norway and the biggest demo against the fur industry in Scandinavia. I was of course there to help and show my support.IMG_1407.

In the 12 marches around Norway there was 4000 people in Oslo alone and 6000 in all of Norway. In Stavanger we had a great march, lots of people and cheering against the fur industry. The fur industry is really bad, and people usually can understand this and that is not necessary, even if they are vegans or not. The suffering of innocent animals being caged in little cages all their lives just to become executed and skinned for someone to wear their skin is just insane. But the really insane part…

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