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Giving cold dogs some comfort this holiday season

November 26, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

For many of us, relief from frigid winter nights can be as simple as turning up the thermostat or throwing on an extra layer or two. But to dogs such as Red, who was found by PETA fieldworkers in a barren backyard, the dropping temperatures and bone-chilling winds and rain can lead to frostbite and even death.

PETA’s “Angels for Animals” program makes a life-changing difference to dogs like Red by providing them with a dry doghouse to huddle in for protection from extreme weather for years to come. That’s why your doghouse sponsorship gift right now can mean the world to a vulnerable dog this holiday season.

Red, like hundreds of other dogs helped by PETA this year, had been chained for so long that she had worn a path around the tree that she was shackled to. The plastic box that was her only “shelter” was in such poor shape that her owner had wrapped it with a thin tarp in a vain attempt to keep the rain from drenching her.

The overwhelming look of joy on Red’s face when we gave her a sturdy new doghouse, a toy, and some much-needed affection was undeniable. We also replaced the heavy chain with a new tangle-free tie-out that allows her to bound around and explore the yard more freely.

Nearly every day, PETA receives calls and e-mails about dogs confined to lonely backyards by “guardians” who never allow them indoors—no matter how harsh the weather. As temperatures drop, it’s not uncommon for our caseworkers to find dogs curled up in tight balls, shivering violently and trying to bear the harsh winds, snow, and rain.

Every dog deserves the comfort of a permanent indoor home, but if we can’t persuade guardians to allow their animals inside, a PETA doghouse is often the dogs’ only respite from potentially deadly winter conditions.

When you make an “Angels for Animals” sponsorship gift today, you’ll be making an investment that will improve the life of a lonely dog long after the holidays are over.

Each PETA-built doghouse has a generous overhang and an entrance covered by a flap to help keep the interior dry even during torrential rain and sleet. They are built to last for years and give dogs protection from some of the worst weather.

Whether you’re making a single sponsorship gift of $265 to provide one doghouse, a monthly installment payment, or a gift of whatever amount you can afford, every penny of your donation today will go to work immediately to help neglected dogs receive the protection and love that they deserve.

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