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They said WHAT to our kids?

November 29, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kids love coloring books (I know mine do!). But how would you feel about a coloring book that disguises the truth about our food?

Please join me in exposing the truth behind the coloring book on Facebook.

The United States’ National Pork Board (which represents the interests of pig farmers) has created a coloring book that’s deeply misleading!

We’ve partnered with Watershed Media – an award-winning US publisher – to highlight the hogwash and expose the raw truth of factory farming.
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A load of hogwash

Take page six – the main character, Billy, who is visiting an intensive pig farm, asks “where is all the mud?”. The reply? “Producers keep all of their barns clean so the pigs stay healthy and happy”.

Happy? You and I both know that this is complete hogwash. Welfare problems such as lameness, stress and boredom. Mutilations including tail docking and teeth clipping – without any pain relief. Is this really going to make them happy?

Expose the raw truth

The National Pig Board’s coloring book paints a rosy picture of intensive pig farming. But look behind the gloss and the truth becomes clear.

In a decade or two, today’s children will be buying food for their families. We can’t let it be cruel, polluting, factory farmed pork. Take action today and help us expose this hogwash.

There are two things that you can do today:

1. Share the image above on Facebook [or forward this email to your friends].

2. Send a message to the US National Pig Board telling them what you think of their coloring book.


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