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Give a Greenpeace gift this Christmas

December 4, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

See the full range at www.greenpeacegiving.org.uk, or check out one of these festive delights:

File in a cakeFile in a cake (£15)

Sometimes our activists get arrested for the non-violent actions they take against climate criminals. Of course we can’t really send a file in a cake, but we believe in taking responsibility for our actions to protect the environment and therefore make sure anyone arrested on an action or taken to trial has the best legal representation available.
Buy now >>
Kit bagAction sack (£11)

When you’re climbing a building like the Shard, or hanging off an oil rig, you can’t just pop to the shops if you’ve forgotten your snacks or a vital piece of equipment. You can be up there for hours or even days, in all weathers, so a safe, dry place to keep your stuff is essential.
Buy now >>


Ugly fishProtect an ugly fish (£10)

We don’t have favourites – we think that all creatures should be protected, regardless of how photogenic they are. Buy this gift for your loved ones this Christmas and help protect the oceans and their inhabitants – all of them.
Buy now >>


You can buy your gifts now and schedule the ecards to go at any time in the future, even Christmas Day – so you can get all your shopping done in one go, and sit back and relax with a mince pie and glass of sherry.


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