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Ocean acidification causing anxiety in fish

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography recently studied the effect of ocean acidification on the behavior of fish. What they found was surprising: it makes them anxious.

The study used marine physiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and behavioral psychology to determine the effect a lower pH of the oceans has on fish. Juvenile rockfish were the subjects of the experiment, a species that is popular in sport fishing and is also susceptible to overfishing due to its late reproductive age (twenty years) and its small amount of offspring. In the study, the fish were either placed in normal pH seawater, or in seawater with the acidity that is projected for the end of this century, then monitored with tracking software. The researchers would track the amount of time each group spent in the light and dark areas of the tanks; the more time spent in the dark areas of the tank, the more…

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