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Crammed in a cage; killed for their horns‏

December 18, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

A young dog wanders the streets looking for food. In the dark of night, he’s captured by dog meat dealers and crammed into stacked wire cages with dozens of other dogs on a truck bound for slaughter.

A little rhino plays in the sun, his mother keeping a close eye on him, unaware of the dart that has pierced her skin. While she lays unconscious, her horn is hacked off by poachers, the baby hiding in the bushes. She awakes with a gaping wound on her face, and eventually bleeds to death, leaving her orphaned calf behind. Meanwhile, the men smuggle the horn to Asia for it to be sold as medicine.

These are just some of the cruelties that HSI works tirelessly to stop, and we need your help. Please make a gift, in any amount, and support our campaigns to protect and save animals around the world.

HSI has already improved the lives of tens of thousands of street dogs on nearly every continent. And we are making significant progress to end the inhumane and unsustainable exploitation of wildlife. We take on animal cruelty and abuse around the globe, helping elephants, seals, farm animals, animals in research labs, and many other species under threat and at risk. We can’t do any of it without supporters like you.

I know you care about animals and with your help, we can truly make the world a kinder, more compassionate place for them.

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