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Pigs dumped into scalding-hot water–alive‏

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It was one of the most powerful exposés that we revealed this year.

A PETA video from a whistleblower exposed a Mississippi slaughterhouse where mother pigs were strung up by one foot and had their throats cut and their skin peeled off. Other pigs were electro-shocked and beaten.

You and I know that this kind of horrific mistreatment isn’t limited to just this one case. The meat and dairy industries know it, too. That’s why they’re gearing up to push for more “ag-gag” bills in 2014 that would criminalize filming inside factory farms and slaughterhouses. We must continue to conduct vital investigations and stand up to these despicable efforts to hide abuse next year—but we urgently need your support to ensure that we can fight back in a big way.

Will you help us save pigs and other animals from cruelty and abuse in the new year by making a year-end gift to PETA today?

Life for pigs on factory farms is horrifying. Condemned to grow up on tiny slabs of filthy concrete, they are often trucked without food or water through blazing heat or frigid cold for hundreds of miles to slaughterhouses, where some are still alive as they’re dumped into the scalding-hot water of the hair-removal tanks.

The whistleblower footage from that Mississippi slaughterhouse documented heartbreaking mistreatment, including that sensitive sows were repeatedly jabbed with electric prongs. One worker even used the prongs on an apparently stunned mother pig’s lower abdomen and/or genitals for no apparent reason. A whistleblower at the plant alleges that employees beat downed pigs on the face and head with chains and shocked others for up to 30 minutes in order to force them to walk.

PETA’s success depends on the compassion of people like you who are determined to stop this kind of suffering. With your support in the new year, we promise to do the following:

  • Take on the meat and dairy industries: Daring investigations have opened the eyes of consumers, changed laws, and led to groundbreaking criminal convictions of animal abusers. Right now, our team is working on more investigations into abuse, and your support today will help ensure their success.
  • Continue to fight unjust “ag-gag” laws: Together, we can prevent the passage of bills that seek to criminalize the actions of undercover investigators who photograph or videotape the suffering that animal abusers try desperately to hide. The meat and dairy industries are ramping up their efforts to get such measures passed in legislatures across the U.S. in 2014, and we must push back against their desperate attempts to silence people of conscience.
  • Promote a humane, vegan diet: Our broad array of free resources has already saved countless animals’ lives. With your help, we’ll encourage even more people to live cruelty-free in the new year.

From shining a light on factory-farm abuses to taking on corporate giants, such as SeaWorld, PETA exposes the inhumane treatment that animals endure every day—and works to end it.

We plan to do even more in 2014, but we need your help right now in order to work to stop the abuse that animals will face in the new year. Please make a year-end gift now to help us save pigs and other animals from pain and cruelty.

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