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Stop Poisonous Plan for Prairie Dogs‏

December 23, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

In 2009, after years of planning and public input, officials  set aside 85,000 acres in the Thunder Basin National Grassland as an area where prairie dogs would be protected from poisons and shooting. Today, this area contains the best prairie dog population on any National Grassland in America.

But now, a handful of outspoken ranchers have pressured the U.S. Forest Service into considering a plan to go back on their promise and poison all prairie dog colonies on the National Grassland within ¼ mile of private or state land. This would shrink the already small protected area by 22,000 acres, sentencing at least 18,000 prairie dogs to a horrific death by poison, despite the availability of proven and effective non-lethal methods. 

Please join us in fighting this appalling plan that threatens to undo years of dedicated conservation work. The use of poison results in a slow and extremely painful death – and not just prairie dogs suffer. Killing these prairie dogs would subject multiple species who rely on prairie dogs to a sad end as well.  Species such as the black-footed ferret, whose reintroduction to the area has long been delayed, will be postponed yet again – violating yet another promise to protect and restore species in the National Grassland.

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