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The Reason You’re (Likely) Being Exposed to Harmful Chemicals

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In 1976 one of the most useless laws ever was passed by Congress. This law was the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), and you may be pleased to learn that it is still on the books today—if you side with the chemical industry, that is.

Currently, 81,600 chemicals are on the TSCA inventory list. This sounds pretty good—perhaps Congress is taking the initiative to regulate and test chemicals, you may presume—until you realize the truth behind this law. Consider that, for starters, the burden of proof for showing that a chemical is safe rests on no one. One would think, at least common sense espouses, that it would fall on chemical producers. The reality is that chemical producers are not obligated to disclose the effects a new chemical, or any of the 81,600 chemicals on the TSCA inventory list, may have on your health or the environment. Not only that, producers are not required to disclose data on them, period.

But, lest one…

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