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Manipulating science? Your contribution can stop it:

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If you want to get away with stealing, it helps to abolish the police first.

And if you want to let corporations pollute as they please—step one is toshut down the Environmental Protection Agency and bury the science of its researchers.

That seems to be the goal of politicians in Congress who won’t let scientific facts stand in the way of ideology. And they’re not shy about it; it’s a way of doing business they pursue relentlessly.

Don’t let them win! Stand up for science with a tax-deductible contribution before December 31.

The attacks are coming fast. The House of Representatives recently passed a bill to hamper the EPA’s ability to regulate pollution and launched a campaign to bury the agency in bureaucratic red tape.1 Just weeks ago, a bipartisan push in the Senatetried to do the same thing.2

And the fossil fuel industry has teamed up with their friends in big business to take their argument to the Supreme Court, which just agreed to hear a case that would severely restrict the EPA’s efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.3

I’m not exaggerating: they want to turn back the clock on federal environmental protections by 30 years. But we aren’t backing down. UCS members have submitted tens of thousands of letters to Congress and the Obama administration, defending EPA scientists and experts from these nonstop attacks. We’ve stood up to their disinformation and false claims in the media and fought back with the facts.

Now we will face an election year, when opponents of science-based policy will use the EPA as a punching bag. The politically-motivated attacks will only get fiercer. Join with thousands of other UCS members to defend science, scientists and our environment.

We have just a few days left to reach our $400,000 goal—make your tax-deductible gift by midnight, December 31.

By supporting our innovative programs and technical resources, UCS members directly aid scientists at the EPA and other agencies that protect our health, safety, and security. Together, we accomplish a lot:

  • Passing groundbreaking whisteblower protections—recognizing for the first time that a federal scientist who exposes censorship or distortion is entitled to whistleblower status.
  • Teaching scientists how to clearly communicate their research and respond to attacks.
  • Mobilizing 20,000 scientists and technical experts as members of our Science Network by facilitating unique opportunities for them to personally connect with policy makers, and directly impact laws and policies that protect our lives and our planet.

We can’t let politicians of any ideology or party tie the hands of scientists.

Don’t let politicians and corporations interfere with independent science. Make a tax-deductible gift today.

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