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Take action on new Scottish dog control legislation

The Scottish Government has announced a new ‘get tough’ drive on allegedly dangerous dogs which will result in legislation probably by mid-year.

Scotland for Animals recognises that injuries sustained through dog attacks, not least the recent tragic cases of children being mauled, are unacceptable. We don’t however believe that the proposals tabled by government will make a blind bit of difference to the issue of irresponsible stewardship of dogs or the explosion in breeding which we believe is one of the main aggravating factors in this situation.

Suggestions in the now published consultation go from the useless (compulsory microchipping as an enforcement tool) to the ridiculous (mandatory muzzling for all dogs in public places).

SfA will be submitting a package of proposals to the Scottish Government for a complete overhaul of legislation surrounding dog ownership in this country. These will include

  • The setting up of a statutory body to oversee and regulate animal ownership in Scotland.
  • Mandatory licensing introduced only as part of a formal vetting procedure for animal ownership.
  • The breeding, sale and transfer of ownership of dogs to be documented and registered with the competent authority.
  • These measures to be financed through a tax on the breeding and sale of animals for profit.

We would appreciate if you could support our recommendations.

Photo-ops and talk isn’t enough. There are serious problems surrounding attitudes towards companion animals, politicians now need to be brave and make some tough, radical decisions to solve these.

We’ll be publishing our submission over the next fortnight. You can view the consultation and submit your views by clicking here. You can also simply email your suggestions directly to this address: MicrochippingofDogs@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Please state that this is your formal submission regarding consultation ISBN: 9781784121129 ‘Promoting responsible dog ownership in Scotland: microchipping and other measures’. Include your full name and postal address.

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