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Save the Primates – A Public Lecture on Monkey Experiments in Cambridge

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Cambridge is famed for being host to a bastion of knowledge, yet
inside one of the nation’s most famous universities are many cowering
monkeys held for vicious experiments.

Primates at the University of Cambridge have had their skulls sawn
open, electrodes implanted into their brains, been deprived of food
and water, poisoned with chemicals and restrained for hours at a time.

Luke Steele, Head of the Anti-Vivisection Coalition, will present the
‘Save the Primates’ public lecture to discuss the experiments at
Cambridge. He will talk about the history of the monkey tests, how the
University of Cambridge is becoming isolated as other research
nation’s pass legislation concerning tests on primates and what the
AVC is doing to push Cambridge forward into the modern age.

Want to hear about how you can help? Join us:

► Date: Thursday 6th February 2014
► Anglia Ruskin University
► Time: 18:00
► Address: East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT

Kindly hosted by ARU Vegan Society.


For more information, please contact Sophie Kennerley (AVC East of
England Coordinator)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AntiVivisectionCoalition
Web: www.stopvivisection.org.uk
Email: sophie.kennerley@stopvivisection.org.uk

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