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Symbol of Hope for Laboratory Primates – Cambridge University Protest

January 12, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

The University of Cambridge is seen as a bastion of knowledge, yet
inside the institution’s laboratories many cowering monkeys are held
for vicious and outdated experiments.

Primates at the university have had their skulls sawn open, electrodes
implanted into their brains, been deprived of food and water, poisoned
with chemicals and restrained for hours at a time.

All this performed using your money through government grants. Other
countries are passing legislation to protect primates from
laboratories and other universities are vacating away from these
squalid monkey experiments.

We want to see the same happen in the UK. On Saturday 15th February,
the Anti-Vivisection Coalition will be holding a torchlight vigil
outside the Senate House of Cambridge University as a symbol of hope
for change.

Our call is for the government to stop the grants for monkey
experiments and for the university to release all primates to a

Will you join us in speaking up?

► Date: Saturday 15th February 2014
► University of Cambridge
► Time: 12noon
► Address: The Senate House, University of Cambridge, Kings Parade,
Cambridge, CB2 1ST


► To be announced

AVC will be bringing red boiler suits, banners and torches.



Nearest Train Station: Cambridge

Buses – See Stagecoach Cambridge –

Other transport will be arranged from across the UK. For more details
please contact us.


For more information, please contact the AVC:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AntiVivisectionCoalition
Web: www.stopvivisection.org.uk
E-mail: info@stopvivisection.org.uk
Twitter: @avc_uk

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