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Deadly bird flu surges in China as millions travel

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Exposing the Big Game


Four more cases of deadly bird flu were reported in China on Wednesday, bringing the season’s total in that country to 221. Fifty-seven people have died.

The surge in cases has health officials worldwide watching closely as hundreds of millions of Chinese begin to travel for Chinese New Year.

The H7N9 strain of influenza jumped from birds to humans only last year. It is extremely dangerous, causing severe illness in more than three quarters of people infected and death in more than one quarter, according to Chinese researchers.

It is called bird flu because the virus originated in birds and so far is transmitted to humans only by live poultry. Cooked meat is no risk.

All of this year’s cases have been in China.

The surge in cases comes as China gets ready for what is called Spring Festival in Chinese. Known as Chinese New Year in the West…

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  1. January 25, 2014 at 03:20

    I think a lot of what is happening is down to the barbaric treatment of the birds. Kept in cages with no means of exercise. And you worry about catching flu from them. You should be me worried about how these poor birds are teated, then think of yourself!

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