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Will you help save an animal’s hide?

January 25, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

At this moment, rabbits, raccoons, and even dogs and cats are being held in filthy cages in China and other countries where there are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms. These animals—as well as hapless alligators, snakes, and others—are all victims of a violent and bloody global skins trade that cares more about its bottom line than about the intense suffering of the animals killed for its vile products.

PETA is leading the global campaign to save these and all animals from exploitation, suffering, and abuse. Won’t you help strengthen our lifesaving work for animals by becoming PETA’s newest member right now? We’re hoping to have 2,014 new card-carrying PETA members by the end of this month, and we’re still 1,486 members away from reaching our goal.

Last month, we revealed hideous new undercover footage that PETA Asia recorded on angora factory farms in China, the world’s largest producer of angora. The video footage reveals heartbreaking cruelty to rabbits, whose long, soft fur is used in sweaters, scarves, and other garments. The investigator documented that workers were violently ripping the fur from the animals’ sensitive skin as they screamed in fear and pain.

While the worldwide media attention captured by this new investigation may soon fade, its impact on the lives of the rabbits abused in the global skins trade will be felt for years to come. That’s because some of the world’s biggest fashion retailers—from Sweden’s H&M to New Look in the U.K. to Forever 21, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger, and Limited Brands in the U.S.—agreed to ban angora from their shelves after being contacted by PETA, and we’re working hard to convince every company that still sells angora to do the same.

The tremendous progress that we’ve made on this campaign in just a few weeks is a powerful reminder of how effective PETA is at stopping animal abuse. Will you help us do more for animals in 2014 by becoming PETA’s newest member right now?

No organization has accomplished more to save animals’ skin than PETA. Our attention-grabbing campaigns and shocking undercover investigations of this bloody industry have helped convince designers, such as Calvin Klein, to drop fur and retailers, including Puma and Victoria’s Secret, to ban the sale of exotic skins from alligators who are beaten to death and snakes who are skinned alive. Tens of thousands of consumers have signed PETA’s fur-free pledge, and the efforts of these and countless other PETA supporters are bringing us closer to the end of Canada’s horrific annual slaughter of young seals for their skin.

By becoming a PETA member today, you’ll be helping us save cats, dogs, and other animals from abuse and neglect; continue our daring exposés of fur farms and the mutilation of farmed animals; reveal what happens inside slaughterhouses and secretive laboratories and to elephants in circuses and bears in sleazy roadside zoos; and take on companies that promote cruel products such as exotic skins and cosmetics tested on animals’ eyes.

Will you help make this new year a great one for animals by becoming a PETA member online right now?

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