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Emergency legal action for Idaho wolves‏

January 27, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

When all evidence points to federal laws being violated and wolves lay bloodied and dying, we say enough is enough…And we’ll see you in court.

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) violated a number of federal laws, and the trust of the American people, when they approved a state funded hit man to callously eradicate wolf packs deep within the vast Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness.

Please help with an urgent donation to support our fight for Idaho’s wolves – and other wildlife you and I care so deeply about.

Yesterday, Defenders asked a federal judge in Idaho to put a stop to this unprecedented attack on wolves.

From killing entire packs, to gunning wolves down from planes, Idaho has consistently disregarded rational wildlife management and has done everything in its power to eradicate as many wolves as it can from the landscape.

Acting on the request of powerful anti-wolf interests, the state issued a kill order for two packs of wolves living in federally protected wilderness, to boost elk populations for sport hunters – and the USFS has allowed them to do it.

They won’t stop until they cripple wolf conservation once and for all. Enough is enough: help us get justice for America’s wolves.

There isn’t much time – as we rapidly build our case, the state’s hit man is laying leghold traps which by Idaho law can be left unchecked for up to 72 hours – leaving anything caught to bleed to death or succumb to exposure while waiting to be shot by the returning trapper.

We stand for those that cannot speak for themselves – but we can’t do it without your support. Help us stop all those who supported this reckless butchery of wolves.

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