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Joanna Lumley reporting on live exports‏

January 27, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
I’m absolutely outraged with the UK Government’s excuses to avoid stopping the live export trade. Yes, that’s exactly what we’re hearing; excuses.

That’s why I’ve decided to speak out against the trade. Tens of thousands of Compassion’s supporters have also called for amendments to UK legislation that protects the export trade. But the Government tells us it is powerless to change the 1847 Act as it would mean overriding European Free Trade Law.

The sad reality is that the problem isn’t European Free Trade Law. It’s lack of political will!

If you live in the UK, will you email your MP today and tell them not to stand for Ministers’ excuses on farm animal exports?

We mustn’t let the UK Government dodge the issue of live exports. Tens of thousands of sheep and calves are sent on gruelling, long journeys from the UK each year simply to face fattening and slaughter at their final destination.

The amendments we’re calling for are not unreasonable. And if the UK is challenged by the EU, the Government should do the right thing and stand up for our animals. They should defend their case in the European Courts if necessary. Together, let’s tell the Government that taking no action simply isn’t an option while thousands of animals suffer needlessly.

Watch the video
Please watch and share my video where I speak out against live export; and then take action today.
What do we want the UK Government to do?

Current EU legislation prevents the UK from banning live exports outright. But the UK Government could change the Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act (1847) which states that all public ports must allow the free trade of ‘goods’, including farm animals.

This law is over 160 years old and we want it updated so that animals are no longer considered simply as ‘goods’ and ports can refuse the live exports trade on ethical grounds. This amendment could end live exports – and would be perfectly legal under EU law.

Please watch and share my video speaking out against live exports and then take action and email your MP today.

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