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It’s official: 6 countries are breaking the sow stall ban

February 11, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
On the 1st January 2013, the ban on permanently confining sows in cages came into effect across the European Union.

Now, over one year on from this momentous step forward for pig welfare, the European Commission has confirmed thatBelgium, Cyprus, France, Finland, Greece, and Slovenia are still not complying with the legislation.

Compassion in World Farming has been pressing the Commission for months to release this info. Finally, they have.

Sow in a stall
6 countries are still breaking the sow stall ban. Take action to protect pigs.

It’s not all bad news. In early 2013, pigs were being kept illegally in stalls in 17 EU Member States. Now, the European Commission’s announcement suggests that as many as 11 of these countries are complying with the law*. The pressure is working! But the fact that 6 nations are definitely still breaching the ban is totally unacceptable.

Please spare just a few moments to demand that the Agriculture Ministers in these 6 nations enforce the law and protect pigs.

We must act now for Europe’s sows

Our investigations have shown how inhumane sow stalls are – preventing pregnant pigs from turning around or even lying down properly. Every country that continues to break the sow stall ban is inexcusably condemning these animals to unnecessary, terrible suffering.

Take action

Given that Member States had over a decade to prepare for the ban, the illegal use of sow stalls is a complete and utter disgrace. Especially as the ban has now been in force for over a year. Please email the Agriculture Ministers in 6 law-breaking countries, urging them to enforce the sow stall ban.

With your help we will not rest until every EU nation accepts and properly enforces this law. These cruel contraptions have no place in a civilised society.

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