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Are launch pads more important than endangered wildlife?

February 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

There are more endangered species on Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge than on any other Refuge in the continental U.S.

So why is Space Florida, the state’s commercial aerospace development organization, seeking permits to destroy 200 acres of the Refuge to make way for a new private interest rocket launch pad and facility?

Tell the FAA to keep Merritt Island National Refuge a safe haven for endangered species!

17 miles away lies NASA’s Kennedy Space Center – where existing launch pad sites have already been made available for commercial use. Constructing a brand new launch pad and support structures in the heart of the wildlife refuge would cause significant damage beyond just the 200 acre proposed facility. Already endangered species like manatees, loggerhead sea turtles, piping plovers and gopher tortoises would all be placed in serious danger.

Speak out against needlessly destroying wildlife refuge land and their wildlife for commercial interests!

Protecting these imperiled animals against this type of risk is exactly why wildlife refuges were created. Crucial habitat would be eliminated or degraded – cars, boats, pollution and construction, not to mention the catastrophic consequences that a possible launch failure would cause, would seriously threaten these animals. With legitimate launch alternatives available nearby, why place wildlife in such danger?

Demand that the FAA stop the destruction of endangered species habitat at a National Wildlife Refuge!

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