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Tell the PM: No to badger cull roll out‏

February 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

The two pilot badger culls were a fiasco, from beginning to end — and now it has been revealed that DEFRA’s own figures on tuberculosis levels in cattle, used to justify the cull, have been overstated.

And yet the Secretary of State for Environment, Owen Paterson, is still considering rolling out the badger cull — to up to 10 new areas of England. Many thousands of badgers could face a terrible fate this year. A decision is due soon, please act now.

Tell the Prime Minister: Don’t allow this fiasco to continue!

Scientists and badger experts maintain that badger culling is ineffective. We believe it is also inhumane. The pilot culls caused the death of nearly 2,000 badgers and showed the policy to be both divisive and costly.

There is a better, more humane way: Vaccination for badgers and cattle, improved on-farm biosecurity measures and greater control over cattle testing and movement.

Send a message to David Cameron today. Ask him to put a stop to plans to roll out the badger cull. Kill the Cull, not the Badgers

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