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The vegetable oil that’s driving global warming‏

February 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

 In pursuit of greater production and profit, palm oil producers are driving large-scale forest conversion in the tropics. Industrial cultivation of palm oil, a vegetable oil used in thousands of daily products from shampoo to french fries, is responsible for habitat destruction, raging wildfires, and tons and tons of carbon pollution.2

But—and this is truly exciting—we have a real chance to significantly reduce environmental destruction from palm oil.

Together, we just convinced the world’s largest palm oil trader to change its ways, using the one-two punch of scientific expertise and hard-hitting advocacy.3 And now we’re turning our sights on big palm oil purchasers—major companies like Kraft Foods, McDonald’s, and Clorox—and we need your help.

Become a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists right now to harness the power of science for a healthier planet. 1,017 supporters have already stepped up with membership gifts this month—we need you today to help reach our February goal.

What we’re doing is working. We just need the resources to keep doing it. That’s where UCS members come in.

Thanks to you, the world’s largest palm oil trader just made a commitment to go deforestation-free. UCS worked with partners to pressure Singapore-based Wilmar International—Asia’s largest agribusiness company, which controls nearly half of the palm oil market worldwide—to come to the table and discuss a plan to fundamentally change their business practices.

Our team consulted for months to help shape their new policy. We demanded changes to give their plan teeth. We also kept the outside pressure on, engaging palm oil buyers such as Domino’s Pizza, H.J. Heinz, and Kellogg’s to get Wilmar on board.

It worked.

UCS is the leading science-based organization in the United States campaigning for more sustainable palm oil production practices—and the Wilmar victory is only the first step. We have big plans for 2014 to take on the world’s largest food and consumer products companies because they continue to use palm oil from non-sustainable sources.

But, quite literally, we can’t do this work without you. Donations from UCS supporters like you are the driving factor behind our success. Already, more than 1,000 people have stepped up. Will you help?

Fight for science and the planet with UCS. Become a member today.

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