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In a weeklong war against wildlife, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass a series of harmful bills that would seriously undermine years of conservation efforts and long-standing environmental protections from coast to coast.

But your representative courageously took a stand by voting against these terrible bills that sacrifice our wildlife and wild places.

Please take a moment to thank your representative for being a champion for our endangered wildlife and public lands by opposing H.R.3590, H.R.3964 and H.R.2954.

All three bills attacked our wildlife and wildplaces. Pieced together by extremists, these bills included, among other things, provision to:

  • Exclude national wildlife refuge management decisions from environmental review and public input(H.R. 3590);
  • Attack the Endangered Species Act and overturn a settlement supported by farmers, fishermen, conservation groups and the State of California to restore the San Joaquin River(H.R. 3964); and
  • Put harmful grazing before the protection of wildlife on millions of acres of public land (H.R. 2954).

This won’t be the last time an anti-wildlife bill is presented to your representative…

Please thank your representative today for opposing these terrible bills – and urge them to continue to stand strong against further attacks on wildlife and wildplaces.

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