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Alarmed? You should be

February 25, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

People are fired up! Since we sent the email below, 2,045 people like you have donated. They’re giving about $55 on average (but plenty give just $5 or $10, and whatever you can afford will help). For many, it’s their first-ever donation to UCS. It’s inspiring. And it means we need just 418 first-time donors like you to step up in the next 24 hours to help us reach our February goal. Can you pitch in?

With Congress seemingly deadlocked, progress can feel impossible. After all, the Chairman of the House Science Committee calls people like you and me “global warming alarmists.” And just last week, Senator Ted Cruz told CNN that climate change is just a “so-called scientific theory” that isn’t supported by scientific facts.

But UCS members are not easily deterred. In Ohio and California, UCS activists like you are pushing for cleaner power sources and fuels. You’re helping communities in Florida, New Jersey, and Colorado become less vulnerable to flooding, extreme heat, and wildfires. There can be—and there already has been—real progress in states like these, and you’re the key to winning. Will you stand up and be counted this week?

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