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Warning: Distressing live exports exposé‏

February 25, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
Hours. Days. Maybe even weeks. Their journeys are horrendous, but when the journey is over it only gets worse.

Three million animals a year are exported live from the European Union to non-EU countries. As soon as they leave EU borders they are no longer protected by European law. They’re on their own out there.

Late last year we released evidence showing appalling cruelty to European animals at a slaughterhouse in Beirut. Now, Compassion’s Investigation Unit, in partnership with Animals Australia, has also documented brutal handling at abattoirs and on the streets in Jordan, Turkey and the West Bank. Please take a moment to email EU Agriculture Ministers about the way these animals are being treated and then watch and share the results of our investigation. Our film isn’t easy viewing but the world needs to know how these animals are being treated.

Investigation video
Warning: the contents in this film may be distressing.
Watch and share our investigation

All of the countries we investigated have signed up to slaughter recommendations set by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). But in every slaughterhouse we visited and wherever animals were slaughtered on the street, those recommendations were being blatantly ignored.

Compassion’s long-term aim is to end all long-distance transport. But, until we achieve this, EU Member States should – at the very least – ensure the welfare of the animals they export. Slaughter in the destination countries needs total reform, but even small, inexpensive changes and basic staff training could vastly reduce the suffering these animals face.

Will you email the Agriculture Ministers in the five Member States that export the most animals beyond the EU? Call on Bulgaria, Romania, France, Hungary and Germany to provide practical support to destination countries, to improve slaughter practices and put a stop to this terror.

Please, take a moment to watch and share our investigation, then take action and join our calls to combat this terrible and unnecessary suffering.

Workers at a slaughterhouse in Turkey twist a bull around, grasping it by the eye socket and nostrils.
Take Action
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