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Protect pets from being stolen and slaughtered for meat in China

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The consumption of dog and cat meat is especially popular in China, because it is believed that the meats have medicinal properties such as generating heat and stimulating body warmth. Many of the animals are either stolen pets or diseased strays snatched off of the streets. Further investigations have shown that the animals undergo inhumane and brutal treatment before their slaughter.

Each year, thousands of dogs and cats suffer from cruel preparation methods and unsanitary slaughterhouses. After being stolen from their owners and their homes, they are transported to slaughterhouses in trucks containing hundreds of other caged cats and dogs. The treatment of these animals prior to their butchery is enough to turn even the strongest stomachs. Many of them are skinned alive or thrown, thrashing and yelping, into boiling vats of water as a means of removing their fur. They suffer excruciating pain at the hands of people who feel no remorse towards these kind animals.

Unfortunately, many people in China who have lost their canine or feline companions have no way of knowing for sure if their missing pets were butchered and sold at meat stalls. The fact that this could be a viable outcome for their beloved pets is an incredibly sad truth. Sign this petition to raise awareness and stop the slaughter and consumption of these companion animals.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

In has sadly come to my attention that many of the cats and dogs who are being slaughtered for their meat are in fact stolen animal companions. In other words, pets are being taken from their homes and owners. These cats and dogs are forced to endure excruciating amounts of pain before they are brutally slaughtered.

I ask that you consider making the trade of dog and cat meat illegal. Not only are the animals treated inhumanely, they are butchered in extremely unsanitary slaughterhouses. The filthy conditions in which the animals are slaughtered have the potential to negatively affect the health and well-being of the people consuming the meats.

Dogs and cats should not be butchered, because they are friends of humankind. The people of China who are missing their feline or canine companions should not have to wonder if their pets were stolen and butchered for consumption.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Bill Benson


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