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February 27, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

The future of Indonesia’s rainforests hangs by a thread, but there is hope.

These forests are teeming with life, and host at least one-fifth of all plants and animals on the planet. Yet they’re being chopped down to grow palm oil, and the last remaining tigers are threatened with extinction as the rainforests disappear. Together, we can use mass public pressure to stop this destruction.

The makers of Head & Shoulders shampoo buy palm oil from the companies tearing down the trees. If we pressure Head & Shoulders, we can cut the demand that’s driving the deforestation. Tell the makers of Head & Shoulders to stop destroying the forests.


Javan and Balinese tigers are already extinct. Now as few as 400 Sumatran tigers remain. Their habitat is being destroyed to produce the palm oil that finds its way into products we use every day.

This isn’t just about tigers. Indonesia hosts a mind-blowing array of Earth’s natural wonders, and the world’s forests play a critical role in stabilising the global climate. They are our planet’s lungs.

Yet 80% of them have been destroyed or degraded and the rest are under threat. We urgently need to put an end to the wholesale destruction of these unique and endangered habitats.

We know public pressure works and can save the forests.

By working together we achieved two huge victories last year. The world’s biggest palm oil supplier Wilmar and cosmetics company L’Oreal committed to use sustainably sourced palm oil.

Tell the makers of Head & Shoulders: stop using dirty palm oil now – before it’s too late. They care what people think about their products so they will listen.


Together, we can protect what remains of Indonesia’s rainforests, the Sumatran tigers’ home and give our global climate a fighting chance. Let’s do whatever it takes.

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