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Tesco’s dodgy tuna‏

If you could close your eyes and let your imagination transport you to anywhere in the world, I bet you wouldn’t chose your local Tesco.

But bear with me a moment and let’s imagine ourselves walking down the tinned tuna aisle. Even though the tins all look pretty similar, there’s a huge difference in what’s inside. So we’re telling Tesco to pull dodgy tuna off their shelves.

If you were walking through this tinned tuna aisle a few years ago, you would have seen a different picture. Back then, we’d just won huge commitments from all major supermarkets on their own-brand tinned tuna. But now it looks like unsustainability is back on the shelves, dressed up in a different coloured can. A new brand called Oriental and Pacific, which is fished with destructive methods that kill turtles, sharks and rays alongside the tuna, has been spotted in Tesco shops all across the UK.

Oriental and  Pacific tuna on sale in Tesco
If supermarkets begin to replace sustainable brands on their shelves with cheap, dodgy tuna, then the commitments aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

In fact, tonight at 7 pm on Channel 4, the last episode of Fish Fight will expose and confront Tesco over this dodgy tuna. Tune in and share this petition during the show!

It’s vital that we keep a close watch on any slippery supermarkets trying to undermine their promises to help protect the oceans. We know that the big supermarkets lead the way. And as soon as one slips, the rest follow right behind. Tell Tesco to pull Oriental and Pacific off their shelves.

Public pressure works – together let’s demand change that really protects our oceans

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