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Animal charities join together to call for overhaul of dog legislation

A coalition of animal welfare and rescue charities have released a joint request for an overhaul of laws concerning dog sale and ownership in Scotland in response to the government consultation on proposed dog control legislation.

Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, Scotland for Animals and Boxer Welfare Scotland state that current government proposals are inadequate and state that factors such as mass breeding for profit and irresponsible ownership have led to a spate of tragic dog attacks over the past few years.

SSBTR Chairperson Kay Hamilton, Dowager Duchess of Hamilton: “ compulsory microchipping is fine,  but only when done in conjunction with mandatory licensing and amendments to the Licencing of Animal Dealers,  will it be able to help avoid injuries caused by dogs. 

Scotland for Animals Spokesman John Patrick: “Dogs are being bred on a nightmarish scale and sold on like toys. We have to recognise that animals are falling into the hands of the wrong types of people , the era of dogs being seen as throwaway commodities has to come to an end.”

“The results of irresponsible ownership are injured children and animal suffering. The Scottish Government can and must take bold decisions and introduce proper legislation that will let Scotland lead the way in protecting both humans and animals.”

Boxer Welfare Scotland Spokesperson Rhonda Hughes: “The Scottish Government must do something radical to protect dogs and people alike when implementing the new proposed dog control legislation.”


“It is imperative that any new legislation must address such issues as mandatory licensing.  Another area which is crucial is breeding and sale of dogs as there are unscrupulous people making huge amounts of money out of some poor dog’s miserable existence.”


The charities proposals are that:


  • Mandatory licensing should be introduced as part of procedures to ensure appropriate qualification for animal ownership.


  • Compulsory micro-chipping only be introduced in conjunction with mandatory licensing.


  • Fees should be nominal and structured to provide substantial discount for neutered dogs.


  • Through amendments to the Licensing of Animal Dealers (young kittens and young dogs) Scotland Regulations 2009 or any new legislation the sale and transfer of ownership of dogs under all circumstances should be documented and registered. All sales should require licensing.


  • Fees should be placed on the breeding and sale of animals for profit through amendments to the the Licensing of Animal Dealers and Young Dogs (Scotland) Act 2009, The Breeding of Dogs Act 1973/ 1991, Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999 and/ or any new legislation.


  • The number of litters born to a single dog licensee annually before a breeding license is necessary should be brought down from five to two.


  • Possession of Licenses and licensing requirements such as health and welfare adherence should be enforced by local authority inspectors.


  • All relevant Local Authority duties be made mandatory through national legislation such as amendment to Licensing of Animal Dealers (young kittens and young dogs) Scotland Regulations 2009 the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973/ 1991, the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999 and/ or any new legislation. Enforcement and administrative costs should be met by fees collected.


  • The Licensing of Animal Dealers and Young Dogs (Scotland) Act 2009 should be amended to include those in possession of any license/ licenses issued prior to effective date of that legislation.


  • Agreement should be made involving Police, Procurators Fiscal and Sheriffs to deal with any incidents through the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 and not the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. This should be with a view to removing the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 from statute completely.


  • Dogs should wear collar and tag with details of the dog and registration number at all times when in a public place.


  • The muzzling of all dogs in public places should not become mandatory.
  • No reference should be made to breed or characteristics in any legislation.
  • Basic training for prospective owners.

Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue (charity SCO43662)www.staffierescuescotland.co.uk


Scotland for Animals (charity SC039109) www.scotlandforanimals.org
Boxer Welfare Scotland (charity SCO36719) www.boxerwelfarescotland.co.uk



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