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Horse Racing Exposed: Drugs, Deception, and Death

I want to tell you about a magnificent horse named Nehro. He came in second in the 2011 Kentucky Derby, but what race enthusiasts and reporters never knew was that just a few years later, Nehro was running on chronically painful hooves with holes in them. One of the hooves was, at one point, held together with superglue.

As reported in The New York TimesPETA’s investigator went undercover and worked behind the scenes in the racing industry for leading thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen, who has won more races in the last decade than any other U.S. trainer, at two of the most famous racetracks in America: Churchill Downs in Louisville (home of the Kentucky Derby) and the Saratoga Race Course in New York.

Just two years after that second-place Derby finish, Nehro developed colic, went mad from pain, and was euthanized at Churchill Downs on the day of the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

horse racing video 

But Nehro was just one of many horses who have suffered and died at the hands of the racing industry. An average of 24 horses suffer fatal breakdowns at tracks across the country every week, and 10,000 broken-down thoroughbreds are sent to slaughter every year. 

Please, watch our undercover video and learn more about the drugs and deaths that are routine at racetracks nationwide. We need your help to end this suffering.

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