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Online shopping…for endangered animals?

Would you believe that it’s possible to buy elephant ivory and whale and dolphin meat online? Yes, that’s right, ivory trinkets from tens of thousands of endangered elephants, and mercury-contaminated meat from endangered fin and sei whales.

The offender? Japan’s largest online marketplace,Rakuten.com, is selling these items despite the fact that its competitors, Google Shopping Japan and Amazon Japan, have already banned such sales on their sites.

Join us today to stand against this shameful commerce,and tell Rakuten to ban every last bit of elephant ivory, whale and dolphin products from its site!

While Raukuten profits, an estimated 30,000 elephants were killed by poachers last year — an all-time high. The demand for ivory is fueling this trade, and if we don’t stop this now, these threatened animals could face extinction.

Japanese coastal hunts kill thousands of dolphins and small whales each year, and the meat of many of these animals is likely contaminated with hazardous levels of mercury. To make matters worse, the meat of these endangered animals ends up being stockpiled due to lack of demand.

Please take action today to urge Rakuten to stop selling elephant ivory and whale and dolphin meat on its website.



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